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Around Zhengzhou|Fairytales shine into reality, feed deer on the clouds, no longer have to go to Japan


Graphic|Mucheng Seed When I was young, my favorite storybook was “Andersen’s Fairy Tales”, and the one with the deepest memory is still the princesses, princes, and jungles in fairy tales… After growing up, the fairy tales have not disappeared. In the Fuxi Mountain of Xinmi City, Zhengzhou, Henan, I accidentally discovered a place where a fairy tale shines into reality: The pasture on the cloud! There is no need to go to Nara to see the deer. Visitors can have close contact with hundreds of fawns to feed here. There are also huge flying houses, pink swings, sky realms, colorful boulders…this place has become the most unique Internet celebrities punch cards. It takes about an hour to drive from Zhengzhou to Fuxi Mountain. In the summer heat, go to Fuxi Mountain, which is 5-6℃ lower than the urban area, and feel the green shadows and cool breeze. It drives away the irritating heat in the urban area and soothes a restless heart. It is very suitable for summer vacations. For those who like to drive, a large parking lot is also prepared at the entrance of the scenic spot. Go straight from the gate of the scenic spot, and on the left is the entrance to the fairy tale world: Yunshang Ranch! Entering the ranch, the height of one person, the candy of different shapes are all over the tree-lined paths, to welcome people from the real world into the dream country, so that the heart of my girly girl is overflowing. Each theme attraction has a special store. If you don’t know how to take pictures, you can buy them as props. You can interact while eating and taking pictures. Want to be the protagonist of Hayao Miyazaki’s manga? Passing through Candy Alley is the Fawn Forest, a place where you can get to the “Miyazaki Hayao” comics world without going abroad. There are more than two hundred fawns in the pasture. They are unfettered and take a leisurely stroll. They can have close contact with these little elves in the forest without going to Nara, Japan. Fawns are not afraid of life, docile and close to people. When visitors come, they will approach you curiously, looking at you with big eyes and wet noses. If they hold their favorite “grass cakes” in their hands, it will be even worse. Now, you are the “Fragrant Pastry” in their hearts. The little deer will surround you round and round, and before you reach out, the cute deer head is already in your arms and arching in your hands. If you don’t come, don’t worry, break the round special deer cake into small pieces and scatter them around, and the deer will automatically surround you. Very cute. At this time, they squat down or stand and feed them with grass cakes. Now is the best time to take pictures! By the way, you can also get Wang Junkai to feed the deer in the same style. In addition to the most representative deer forest above, you can also go to the rabbit garden to feed the white rabbits, feed the little alpacas.. There are more screaming marmots, small Dutch pigs, elegant black swans, and angora rabbits. , Boer goat… dozens of species, thousands of animals, distributed in different areas such as the prairie tribe, mysterious zone, elf pika, etc. on the Yunshang pasture. It is very suitable for parent-child play. The scenic spot also arranges many Wonderful animal show. What impressed me the most was the silly piggy races. They were all dressed in various colors. They were small in size, extremely flexible, and walked over obstacles like walking on the ground. There were also some little confusions that turned the bow of the ship and returned to the starting point. . In the scenic area, you can play for most of the day just by interacting with the animals. Not to mention which Internet celebrities are punching in! You can take the same Hobbit Hut without going to New Zealand. The pink sand blows up with the wind… From Candy Lane to Owl Cafe, from the sky, to Butian Pavilion to climb up and overlook… Beautiful scenery always comes with “natural healing power”. Wander in the fairy tale world, interact and play with the elves in the jungle, and get along with each other gently. Unexpectedly, time flies quickly, and the pasture is healed and fulfilled after one day, dreamy and full of happiness. Business hours: Summer 8:00 to 18:30 Winter 8:00 to 17:00 Tickets for Yunshang Ranch: Adult ticket 88 yuan 58 yuan for the elderly Free for children under 1.1 meters food: Opposite Yunshang Ranch is “People Street”, where there are more than a dozen snacks, or go to the cliff hotel restaurant or go to the farmhouse outside the scenic area to taste local special farm dishes. stay: There are cliff hotels and starry sky camps in the scenic area, as well as specialty homestays outside the scenic area