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Auto Show·Creation and Innovation | Shanghai Auto Show: An Attack to “Embrace Change”


The wind comes from the east. The 19th Shanghai Auto Show has entered a countdown. The theme of this auto show is “Embracing Change”. The subtext is obvious: A new era is coming. So, in the new era, what kind of changes will spread to the three camps of independent, joint venture and luxury? Autonomy of “home battles” The booming independent brands are even more “menacing” on their home courts. “More than 150,000 SUVs grab the public, and 300,000 electric cars grab the BBA”, Geely shouted such a slogan, this time the Shanghai Auto Show not only launched a new Xingyue L, cut into the hinterland of the joint venture SUV, but also launched Ultra Krypton, disrupting high-end new energy. The price is full of confidence, and the once questioned design is now getting better and better. This time Changan UNI-T will launch a sports special edition and a new design language CS55 PLUS. In addition, GAC Trumpchi’s Shadow Leopard is also unique in design. Really worthy of appearance, become the protagonist of his own accord. However, a good-looking skin is always inseparable from “hard core” technology. With the continuous deepening of independent innovation, from Geely’s vast architecture platform, Changan’s Blue Whale power system to BYD’s blade battery, international giants are constantly seeking cooperation. This also means that The self-owned brands with “price ratio to win” have now successfully switched to “technological advancement to win”. In addition to technological innovation, high-end efforts are also the essence of the reform of independent brands in recent years. In 2016 and 2017, the WEY brand under Great Wall and the Lynk & Co brand under Geely came out one after another. Last year, Dongfeng and SAIC Roewe also released Lantu and R brands respectively, targeting the high-end new energy market. “The high-end new energy market is a strategic choice for independent brands, and it is also a good opportunity.” Nowadays, independent brands have taken a certain advantage in the field of new energy vehicles. The development of “changing lanes and overtaking” previously predicted by experts has gradually changed from a dream to a reality. “One Vision” joint venture “If you don’t succeed in China, you will lose in the world.” For joint venture car companies, how to better adapt to the Chinese market is one of the eternal problems. And when the weather vane of the Chinese auto market changes, The joint venture appears to be “not active.” Japanese giants Toyota and Nissan have always been ambiguous about the “new four modernizations”. At the end of last year, Toyota’s head Akio Toyoda even expressed public dissatisfaction with the “electric vehicle revolution” that is currently emerging. He pointedly pointed out that the auto industry welcomes new entrants and anyone can build a car as long as they have technical capabilities. But Akio Toyoda also said that “Tesla” only sells “recipes” to consumers, and Toyota has a real kitchen and chef. Compared with the “ambiguity” of the Japanese system, the Korean system, the law system, or the powerless. In recent years, the market share of Korean and French cars has been declining. According to the latest data, the share of Korean cars has fallen from 4.9% in the past to 3.4%, and French cars have dropped from 1.4% to 0.2%. How to turn around is more urgent for the situation of constant marginalization. However, there are also chasers. American brands are coming late. “Being late may not necessarily lose”, the new models built by SAIC General Motors can not be underestimated in terms of electrification and intelligent connectivity. The German public also smelled the crisis early. At the Volkswagen Group’s annual meeting two years ago, the chairman of the board of directors of the Volkswagen Group Deiss announced that by 2028, 22 million electric vehicles will be delivered globally, and more than half will come from the Chinese market. In addition to the “radical” slogan, its actions are also very rapid. Following the launch of ID.4 by North and South Volkswagen in January this year, the Shanghai Auto Show will immediately launch the exclusive ID.6 family for the Chinese market. The speed of product introduction is a bit off guard. If you change, you can lose the market. In other words, whoever can catch the hearts of Chinese consumers faster will be able to return to the market. The joint venture brand that was once so far ahead needs to hold on to its own turf. “Disrupted” luxury “Tesla” has been jealous for a long time. In the era of fuel vehicles, BBA (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi) firmly grasped the right to speak and became the benchmark of luxury. In the era of electric vehicles, Tesla has become the mainstream, and its performance, evolution speed and price are all new benchmarks. Its performance is crushing BBA. As a result, a “pure electric counterattack” was officially launched. According to information from Feilv Automobile, at the Shanghai Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz has brought three new pure electric models of “ABS” from the Mercedes EQ family; BMW brands iX and i4 will be unveiled in China, and then listed in China this year; In addition, Audi Q4 e-tron and domestic Audi e-tron will also be unveiled during the Shanghai Auto Show. It is not difficult to see that in the current increasingly fierce competition, BBA is accelerating the completion of the electrified product line map. Only through the continuous penetration of products into the market hinterland can we hope to gain a firm foothold in the future era. The first-line main battlefield continues to expand, and the second-line camp is constantly evolving. In the century of automobile development history, luxury brands have always played the leading role, but during the transition period of old and new cars, their opponents have begun to change: the red flag, which has a dark horse, has already been sitting in the second-line sales crown. And the average price of Weilai Automobile, which just mentioned 100,000+, has exceeded 400,000 yuan. Market sales and ranking are certainly important, But on another new track, who can keep the lead is equally important. With new trends and changes, the auto market is undergoing new changes every day, and the best way to deal with changes is to “embrace changes.”