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Directly on the Shanghai Film Festival丨Qin Hailu and Zhang Junning announces new film plan and Li Shaohong talks about the new power of film and television


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The happy Dragon Boat Festival holiday is over. In the past three days, the live broadcast of the 2021 Film Channel Fusion Media has never stopped, bringing you the latest news of this year’s Shanghai Film Festival.

On the sixth day of the opening, our lens went directly to the Golden Jue Forum, the film project venture capital industry conference, to understand how the venture capital projects of major film festivals cultivate young filmmakers, and feel the new changes in film production; at the same time, we walked into the Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio “Sweeping the House”, walked into the development process of Chinese animation film.

Without further ado, let us walk into the wonderful Shanghai Film Festival together and feel the charm of Chinese movies!

Analysis of the highlights of the media attention unit of the movie channel

The closing ceremony of the 18th Film Channel Media Concern Unit will be held on June 18. The list of shortlisted films has been announced. “King Kong River”, “Hello, Li Huanying”, “Send You A Little Red Flower”, “A Thousand Hectares and Clear Blue Era”, “Liu Qing”, “Great Dad”, “Perfect Victim”, “New God List: Nezha Rebirth, “Blue Line of Defense”, “Beyond”, “A Beautiful Life”, “Victory”, “Snatch the Firecracker”, “Actor”, “Jigong’s Falling Dragon Comes into the World”, a total of 15 films are gaining momentum Ready to go. The famous film critic Tan Fei worked as a guest in the live broadcast room of Rong Media, and analyzed some of the highlights of the film for the audience.

Film Critic Tan Fei

“Beyond” had a very eye-catching box office performance in the Dragon Boat Festival just past, and won the title of the scheduled box office with a box office of 92.44 million. Zheng Kai not only played the leading role of “Beyond” Hao Chaoyue this time. It was the first time to serve as a film producer. In order to play the role well, he also added 40 pounds to the play. Tan Fei expressed his recognition of Zheng Kai’s acting skills.

“The Perfect Victim” is a story with layers of reversals and a tight rhythm, which has not yet been released. Tan Fei thinks that this film is very interesting. It clearly tells the story of the “victim”, but the film presents a warm tone. Director Yang Longjie pointed out in the interview that warm colors hope that everyone can feel that society is warm and can bring social meaning.

In addition, “Great Dad” was recently screened, and many viewers were healed by the story of the father and son in the film. From “Li Mi’s Conjecture” to “The Scorching Sun” and “The Player Behind the Scenes”, Wang Yanhui has played the villain many times in his previous works. This time he starred in contrast to a good father in the play. Tan Fei bluntly said that Wang Yanhui and Zhang Youhao, the “son” in the play, collided with new sparks. The story of the film is touching, and it well shows the relationship between father and son in contemporary families, which resonates with him, who is also a father.

A beautiful film factory, half of the history of the country

Animated films have developed rapidly in recent years and have become one of the first choices for audiences to watch movies, such as “The Return of the Great Sage”, “The Devil Boy of Nezha”, “White Snake: Origin”, “Jiang Ziya”, etc. have achieved good reputation And the box office, “Nezha: The Devil Child Comes into the World” is even more at the forefront of the box office of Chinese film history. Today, the host of the movie channel, Kanazawa, took everyone to visit the domestic animation base-Shanghai Fine Arts Film Studio.

According to reports, Shanghai Art Film Studio is a state-owned animation enterprise with the longest history, the largest film library, and the most intellectual property rights in China. “The Book of the Heavens”, “The Great Harassment in Heaven”, “Afanti”, “Black Cat Sheriff”, “Gourd Baby”, etc., the earliest animated films that went abroad came from here.

In the history of more than 60 years, the US Film Studio has created more than 300 animations, such as the classic animation “Havoc in Heaven”. The film not only won awards at major international film festivals, but also premiered in 12 theaters in Paris. It was called “a true masterpiece of cartoons” by French newspapers.

In addition, the US Film Studio also holds a number of “first” titles. For example, “Little Tadpoles Looking for Mother” is the world’s first ink-and-wash animation, which accompanies countless people through their childhood years.

In addition to creating classic animation images, today’s Meiying Studio has also started a new activity. Inspired by traditional animation images, it has launched a series of creative derivatives, committed to using traditional images to create new ideas, exploring new paths for traditional cultural transmission, and leading the current situation. Hot flashes in the country.

Hailu Qin, Janine Zhang, and Donnie Yen announce new film plans

During the Shanghai Film Festival, many filmmakers shared their new film plans and industry insights. When he came to the live broadcast of RongMedia, Qin Hailu talked about the “Silent Weeping” performance of “Above the Cliff”, thinking that there is nothing to design in this emotional drama. “In the sad atmosphere, the audience can feel you even if there are no tears. The sadness in the body, if the actor doesn’t feel it, you won’t be able to act.”

Qin Hailu joked that there is no role she wants to challenge: “I have played all but animals and men.” But she plans to make a web drama herself. Speaking of the power of women in movies, Qin Hailu is grateful that this era has more space and creative materials. Everyone pays attention to female subjects because of the progress of society.

Janine Chang recalled the cooperation with Zhang Zhen again in “Hunting the Soul”, and said frankly that he hadn’t seen each other for many years, and he still had a tacit understanding with each other. Zhang Zhen praised her even more, “I have improved!”

Speaking of the changes in drama in recent years, Janine Chang admitted that she has become a little more mature, “The first incense and the soul are very different in depth and breadth.” When asked what kind of role she would like to challenge in the future, she Said, “In the past, I might answer different types of characters, but now I think it doesn’t matter if the same type is the same. For example, if two characters are both criminals, I will think about how to interpret the difference between the two and try to be as deep as possible. Dig.

Donnie Yen served as the promotion ambassador for the “Belt and Road” Film Week of the Shanghai Film Festival. He also personally served as a guest in the live broadcast room of Rong Media. He revealed that the movie “Furious Incident” starring Nicholas Tse and himself will soon meet with the audience. The film is the posthumous work of Director Chen Musheng, “At that time, the director found me after watching “Chasing the Dragon” and hoped to cooperate with me again.” This is also the first time since the 1995 Hong Kong drama “Jing Wu Men”, Chen Musheng and Donnie Yen Years of cooperation again. In addition,Donnie Yen responded “I don’t make movies that don’t respect the Chinese.” He feltThis is a personal pursuit. The reason for the early shooting of “Jing Wu Men” was because he liked the national spirit in it, and his own works are biased towards the national spirit..

“Virtual and Reality-New Changes in Film Production” Forum held

On June 15, “Virtual and Reality-New Changes in Film Production” Golden Jue Film Forum was held in Shanghai. Guests such as Chang Hongsong, founder of Beijing Tiangong Yicai Film and Television Technology Co., Ltd., and Huang Jiakang, director of the “White Snake: Origin” series, attended the event and shared the development status and trends of domestic film technology with the audience.

“Virtual and Reality-New Changes in Film Production” Jin Jue Film Forum scene

“During the epidemic last year, more than 50% of the lens production was done through online collaborative work, and this year has declined. I am very much looking forward to the advent of the era of virtual production, just as digitization replaces film, and the future of film production will be intelligent instead of digitization. .”

Chang Hongsong said that with the advancement of technology, the most challenging thing is not the production industry, but the director’s creativity and ideas. He boldly predicted that in the future, “decision based on the data of the algorithm itself can even be put into the movie to participate in performance.” And five or six years ago, China’s special effects technology has been able to meet the needs of existing film shooting special effects.

Chang Hongsong, Founder of Beijing Tiangong Yicai Film and Television Technology Co., Ltd.

“The epidemic has promoted the advancement of technology and the organic integration with art. Remote collaborative office will also be a future development trend of the film industry. At present, the domestic film production visual effect technology is very close to the top level of foreign countries. This is the time to compete. It is creativity and imagination”. Huang Jiakang believes that the current progress in domestic animation film production technology has allowed creators more freedom.

“White Snake: Origin” series director Huang Jiakang

“The Power of Breaking the Game” Film and Television New Power Industry Salon was held

During the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival, the “Breaking Power” Film and Television New Power Industry Salon was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Li Shaohong, President of the China Film Directors Association, Wang Hongwei, Vice President, Yaning, President of iQiyi Pictures, and Wang Haigang, CEO of Happy Mahua Pictures, attended the event.

“The Power of Breaking the Game” Industry Salon on the New Power of Film and Televisionon site

“The most difficult thing to make a film is not lack of money, but lack of ideas.” Li Shaohong believes that the new director should pay more attention to the film itself. Regarding the ten short films of the new director of the last Green Onion Project, she said that she was “very pleasantly surprised, so that a virtuous circle can be formed.”

Li Shaohong, President of the Chinese Film Directors Association

“At the end of the release of Tencent Pictures’ film list, there is also a plan to support young directors. In the future, Station B will also launch a short film plan with Bad Monkey Pictures. Venture capital that prevents children from making samples is a hooligan.” Wang Hongwei believes that all young directors support plans. The three issues that need to be resolved in the end are “who will be supported? Who will be supported? How to support?”.

At the same time, as the chairman of the Green Onion Project, he said that “The Green Onion Project has entered version 2.0”, and its core is “deep cultivation and intensive cultivation, and take root down.” Regarding the problem of the current remake phenomenon, Wang Hongwei believes that “frame-by-frame remake is an insult to the entire industry.”

Wang Hongwei, Vice President of the Directors Association of China

“In the future, iQiyi will shoot about 20 movies every year, of which 15 will go online, and 5-6 will enter theaters. The cooperation standard is to try not to cast feature films, but to choose those with relatively fast pace. Genre film.” Yaning revealed some of the criteria for iQiyi’s future collaboration with the new director. At the same time, he believes that “the most important thing about the remake is the localization.”

Yaning, President of iQiyi Pictures

“Stage play provides a way of incubation and trial and error for filmmaking. “Charlotte Annoyance” is a stage play from the end of 2011 to the beginning of 2012. The film was only filmed around 2015 and has four or five years of polishing time.” Wang Haigang revealed that the filming cost of the film was only 17 million.

Happy Twist Films CEO Wang Haigang

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