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Modern Diary|What’s New in Beauty: Put the lotion into the paint bucket, and put on the luxurious “Couture” perfume


How many people’s first perfume is Chanel N°5? This year, this classic perfume ushered in its 100th birthday. For this reason, the brand specially created a unique “Factory No. 5” limited series for Chanel N°5.

Photo/Screenshot of Chanel’s official flagship store

The “Factory No. 5” limited series launched this time uses 17 toothpaste tubes, paint buckets, tea cans and other daily life items as product packaging, recreating the creative thinking of founder Gabrielle Chanel and the courage to break the norms and not be traditional The concept of bondage. Moisturizers, body washes, soap flakes, etc. are hidden in these items, giving this series a unique and creative charm.

In addition to Chanel, Guerlain, which also has a long history, can also “play with” packaging. In May of this year, Guerlain collaborated with Turkish jewelry designer Begüm Khan to launch a limited edition bee bottle perfume, and recently handed over the bottle design to the young Swiss couturier Kévin Germanier.

Photo/Screenshot of Guerlain’s official Weibo

Kévin Germanier has always insisted on calling for the sustainable development of fashion, and is good at splicing different materials and colors. In this cooperation, a luxurious and recyclable high-definition “coat” was designed for Guerlain’s iconic bee bottle.

Photo/Screenshot of Guerlain’s official Weibo

The perfume bottle is made of Swarovski crystals that are rich in color and can be recycled. From pink to lavender purple to fresh green, it brings a dazzling luster to the perfume bottle. Each “outer” needs to be hand-made for up to 3 hours, with pink tassels and golden stamps, it looks extraordinarily gorgeous.

In addition, this perfume is limited to 11 bottles in the world, and each bottle has a capacity of up to 1L, which is suitable for “players” who love to collect perfumes.

Beijing News reporter Yu Meng’er

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