Home Architecture The kitchen has an area of ​​1,200 cm2 with full facilities

The kitchen has an area of ​​1,200 cm2 with full facilities


The model of a fully equipped mini-kitchen is a creative work after nearly a year of collecting and assembling by My Nguyen readers.

The lovely kitchen with an area of ​​​​about 1,200 cm2 (0.12 m2) attracted the attention of kitchen lovers after readers My Nguyen shared it on her personal page. In particular, many netizens expressed interest when thinking that this is a real kitchen in ordinary houses. The owner of the kitchen, My Nguyen (HCMC), shared: “It took me 8 months to find and buy these items in Japan, Vietnam, China and 2 months to decorate”. Every small corner of the kitchen is taken care of by her and used to maximize its function. “Because the kitchen area is quite small, I attached more shelves to display kitchen items,” 9X said about her favorite hobby. The dining table is also neatly arranged by the owner of the kitchen with vases of flowers, fruits, bread and even a cup of rustic coffee. Sharing with Zing, My Nguyen said: “These items are shrunk 12 times compared to the real size”. The kitchen also has enough appliances such as oven, rice cooker, coffee maker, blender… to make the space more comfortable. In the drawers, My keeps essential items such as cutlery sets, baking tools, rice crates, porcelain jars… making the kitchen look like a real cooking space. Even the model refrigerator is full of food and drinks… This is her favorite area in her small kitchen. With a meticulous personality, My Nguyen has to painstakingly collect items and try to decorate them to exude her own style. “With traditional Vietnamese dishes like rice paper, I have to order designs at handmade stores,” My Nguyen shared. This beautiful small kitchen is located in a designed mini house with full living rooms. Sharing with Zing, My Nguyen said: “The average price of these items is about 1.2 million VND/set of 8 items including decorative items for the rooms of the house. For antiques, the price is can be up to 4-8 million VND/set”.