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The top-floor bar party detonated the “burning night planet”, and Qibao·Powerlong City was rewritten into the nightlife equation!


Last weekend’s Qibao·Powerlong City turned into a super-burning party scene. In the L1 atrium, pop song singing, rapper performances, and band performances were staged in turn. The romantic atmosphere was full! More that night “Earth Guard” The Shanghai premiere, staged a wonderful drama to defend the earth, children from a radius of ten li all came to watch the parade of the earth guards! The super-playable Qibao·Baolongcheng, specially launched Wine Culture Market , The three beautiful booths are super filming, come to be the most beautiful cubs in the night market! Former FORMER BAR many Pamine Planet Engage in professional neuroticism, wake up the dopamine and adrenaline in your body to the highest value, summon the hot girls in the city to punch in! All unhappy emotions will be entering Hardcore planet The moment disappeared, LUST CLUB put Industrial decadence after the war Play to the extreme, think of reality and illusion! All the aliens from different dimensions gather here, crossing to other time and space in the intersecting time, Future technology blockbuster Come at your fingertips, and the blockbuster will be released immediately! At the three major stalls, you can taste various Craft beer , Every Friday and six days, As long as you spend arbitrarily at the three major booths on the spot, you can get one chip, and you can exchange three chips at the L1 atrium service counter. 3 cans of Heineken beer ! A wonderful summer night, is to go to the endless bar, and then go to the late night snack to soothe late night, Qibao·Powerlong City will satisfy you all at once! At night, the night creatures in the magic city sneaked into the fourth floor of Qibao·Powerlong City, and the hot and romantic night was full of excitement. Former FORMER BAR Listen to your predecessor’s story, sing the song slowly, and drink without hurting your heart.By the door Ono Creation Provided shoe wall, inside all kinds of limited edition sneakers Worth more than a million ! Feast your eyes before drinking! June 25th and July 3rd, 20:30-00:00 every night , Three themed carnival parties Will start here, hot girl group, midsummer sailing night, sexy pole dance, shock your facial features! You who love football must come LUST CLUB , “Football Baby Night” Create a 360-degree immersive watching atmosphere for you, June 26, July 2, 20:30-00:00 every night , Witness the European Cup attack moment with the football baby! Perry’s With the electronic music that overturns the scene and the cool stage beauty, let you have a “summer” presumptuously! From now on-July 12 Come and enjoy at Perry’s 99 yuan enjoyment package (Connotation of vodka lemon squeezer, chicken rice flower, cucumber strips), and then participate in the wine king contest to win whiskey, prove your drinking! Open a fire in the whole country Helens Tavern , This time is also the main force of Qibao·Baolong City “Burning Night Planet”, starting today-June 30, Half price for the second cup of Helen’s pure wheat craftsmanship , Come and feel the charm of Weibo! On the Haowen Road at the entrance of the mall, there is a street with huge and delicious night snacks. In summer, small barbecue skewers with beer are arranged quickly! / Fengmao skewers / Fans of skewers must punch the Fengmao skewers. The selected Sunite lamb is delicious and not mutated. With a bite, the aroma of lamb flows on the tip of the tongue, and you can eat a lot in one go! / Abula Brothers Lamb Kebabs / Maybe you also have a Xinjiang dream, the Abula brothers mutton skewers will take your taste buds across the beautiful Xinjiang in an instant! The authentic taste of Horqin, the meat is cooked after the skewers, a great enjoyment in life! / Qizong Drunk · Bistro / The taste of Ba Shi from Sichuan is fast-paced by the spicy celebrities. It is spicy and refreshing, with the slightest taste; it is accompanied by a mouthful or two of good wine, and it has a chic and human taste! / Long ago lamb skewers / The exclusive and secret marinade infiltrates the finest lamb layer by layer. The lamb roasted at a high temperature exudes a tempting fragrance, coupled with all kinds of secret sauces in the store, stay up late tonight! / Red armor / It’s the season when crayfish dominate the dining table again. Come to the red armor and feast on the big shrimps with the exclusive secret sauce. The perfect supper taste that you won’t forget once you eat! / Shanghai chubby / Finally, at the weekend, I called up a couple of friends, ordered a pot of crayfish, and a few cans of cold beer, to enjoy the wine and enjoy life! / Good Beef Steak Winery / At night, the Japanese dining atmosphere of the izakaya is full. A fresh and tender wagyu beef is the best gift for supper people. Come one or two Japanese side dishes, so you can sleep well~ / Crab no Road·Wen Cui Japanese Restaurant / A shop that crab lovers can’t miss! The golden and soft crab meat instantly awakens all your appetites. Fancy methods such as steamed eggs, rice and noodles satisfy all your imaginations about eating crabs! / Tombok · Bone Soup Pork Belly Chicken / If you want to be healthy, you need to drink more soup. The pork belly chicken boiled at high temperature, sprinkled with rich pepper, drink a sip, it will warm from head to toe, and the night will become more warm~ ‍‍‍ / Dacheng Seafood Barbecue / Dachenghuo Seafood Barbecue brand has a rich variety of seafood, a variety of sea prawns, lobsters, oysters and shellfish products, which can satisfy all diners. You must order garlic scallops, grilled shrimps, and kebabs when you enter the store! ‍‍‍ / Tai Kee Seafood / Seafood beer small barbecue! Call your partner, your sister, for a late night gourmet party! All kinds of fresh seafood, fresh and sweet, you can eat the taste of the sea! / Saushi·Kappo cuisine / The Japanese Ceiling Servants and Kappo Cuisine will also open in Qibao·Powerlong City! High-class ingredients, sophisticated methods, and authentic environment will take you to experience the ultimate kaiseki cuisine! / Dafu·Charcoal Grilled Meat House / Focusing on beef for more than ten years, insisting on the original flavor of roasted meat dishes. Choose the highest-grade cows of different breeds and breeding methods in various countries, and roast the beef at the high temperature of charcoal fire until golden brown and slightly charred. You must order beef tongue with salt onion and depth bomb when entering the store~ / Mirkhash Secret Baking Tavern / The Mirkash secret grilled tavern with a strong Middle Eastern style, traditional Chinese snacks, Middle Eastern religious food, and Turkish barbecue can all be tasted here at one time. Let the tip of your tongue have an exotic trip! Hey, at the same time, I have to buy enough at the same time. Burning Night Planet Qibao·Baolong City will issue coupons for the Universe People’s Congress. Big discounts are as low as 30% , Come on crazy shopping! /// Qili around, night market rivers and lakes A good show is on When the burning night planet enters the night Just waiting for you 🏠 Qibao·Baolong City 📍 Address 3299 Caobao Road —— 👩🏻‍💻Edit | pieces 👨🏼‍🎨Design | Weng Weng 📷Photography | Siyu Cooperation WeChat | toutiao310