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Sichuan made the move, Bitcoin mining farms were collectively cut off, and all mining farms were shut down?


Original title: A historic day! Sichuan just took action, the Bitcoin mines were collectively cut off, and all the mines were shut down?Netizen: Well done, graphics cards can finally be reduced in price

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The currency circle has ushered in a historic day.

Not only was the network cable unplugged, but the electricity was cut off directly for you!

Sichuan clears back cryptocurrency mining

The mines were powered off collectively and all mines were closed

It is reported that due to policy reasons, China and even Sichuan, the world’s most important gathering place for Bitcoin mining machines, will usher in a large area of ​​mining machines. According to calculations, the shutdown load is about 8 million. Following Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, Sichuan, which is dominated by clean energy and hydropower, failed to become the last bastion of Bitcoin mining in China.

A document “Notice of the Sichuan Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Sichuan Provincial Energy Bureau on the Cleanup and Shutdown of Virtual Currency “Mining” Projects” shows that for virtual currency “mining”, relevant power companies in Sichuan need to start on June 20 The screening, clean-up and shutdown work has been completed a few days ago.

The document shows that the people’s governments of various cities (prefectures), the State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company, the Provincial Energy Investment Group, the central power generation enterprises in Sichuan, and the provincial state-owned power generation enterprises should follow the spirit of the 73rd executive meeting of the provincial government to implement the State Council’s financial The 51st meeting of the Stability and Development Committee on the requirements of “combating Bitcoin mining”, hereby notify the relevant matters as follows: 1. Complete the screening and shutdown of key objects. The Provincial Electric Power Company has reported 26 suspected “mining” projects, and the screening, cleaning and shutdown will be completed before June 20; 2. Carry out self-examination and self-correction by power generation companies, and immediately stop supplying power to virtual currency mining projects; 3. Do a thorough investigation and investigation. The municipal (prefecture) governments will immediately carry out a dragnet investigation, and the suspected projects will be shut down immediately and completed before June 25; 4. Earnestly fulfill the main responsibility, and must complete the cleanup and shutdown tasks with quality and quantity. Due to the abundant hydropower resources, a large amount of hydropower is abandoned in Sichuan during the wet season. In this regard, the Sichuan Provincial Government Office issued the “Sichuan Province Hydropower Consumption Industry Demonstration Zone Construction Implementation Plan” in August 2019, confirming Pilot projects for hydropower consumption industry demonstration zones will be carried out in 6 cities and prefectures, including Ganzi, Panzhihua, Ya’an, Leshan, Liangshan, and Aba. In 2020, Sichuan has successively approved two batches of hydropower consumption demonstration enterprises, and the list has covered many mining enterprises in the name of big data technology. On the evening of the 19th, a small video began to circulate in the circle of friends. The content was that the miners were cutting off the power of the Bitcoin mining machine, and the rows of beating green lights went out one by one. Many people at the scene said: Bye, See you. A miner A said, “An era is over, bye bye! Although the breeze is hard to blow me, how can the moon not shine. The ice can’t stop the water, and the dead wood will be in spring again.” Miner B also issued an article saying, “At this time last year, it was just in the domestic unblocking period. The first conference in the circle was the Sichuan-Chengdu Water-rich Mining Conference. Today’s time has passed. The mining boom at that time was integrated into the bright galaxy tonight. Later, industry practitioners You should also remember the glory here.” Practitioner C said, “Sichuan’s 8 million loads will be collectively shut down at 0:00 tonight. In the history of the blockchain, the most tragic and most spectacular scene of miners is about to happen. How far-reaching the impact is here will be known in the future. ” Practitioner D: “Today, we can officially announce the end of an era.” Of course, the happiest thing is that graphics cards can finally be reduced in price. Bitcoin’s entire network’s computing power plummeted overnight According to reports, Sichuan is the largest gathering of Bitcoin miners in China and even in the world, with approximately 8 million loads being used for cryptocurrency mining. According to data from btc.com, the current average computing power of the entire Bitcoin network is 126.83 EH/s, which is nearly 36% lower than the historical high of 197.61 EH/s (May 13). At the same time, Bitcoin mining pools with Chinese backgrounds such as Huobi Pool, Binance, AntPool and Poolin have fallen sharply in their computing power. The decline in computing power in the past 24 hours has been 36.64%, 25.58%, 22.17%, and 8.05%, respectively. Many places have already shot On May 21, the Financial Stability and Development Committee of the State Council (hereinafter referred to as the Financial Committee) held its 51st meeting to study and deploy key tasks in the financial sector in the next phase. The meeting was presided over by Liu He, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Vice Premier of the State Council, and Director of the Financial Committee. Relevant responsible comrades from member units of the Financial Committee attended the meeting. Two points of this meeting were impressive: The first is to crack down on Bitcoin mining and trading activities, and resolutely prevent individual risks from being transmitted to the social field. The second is to maintain the smooth operation of the stock, debt, and foreign exchange markets, severely crack down on illegal securities activities, and severely punish financial illegal and criminal activities. In late May, Inner Mongolia, Sichuan and other places successively held seminars on virtual currency mining to strengthen the crackdown on related behaviors. On May 25, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission issued the “Eight Measures on Resolutely Cracking Down on and Punishing Virtual Currency “Mining” (Draft for Comment). On June 9, the Qinghai Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Notice on the Comprehensive Shutdown of Virtual Currency “Mining” Projects”, requesting clean-up and rectification. It is strictly forbidden to initiate and approve various virtual currency “mining” projects in various regions, and to completely shut down all existing virtual currency “mining” projects. At the same time, resolutely investigate and rectify the project entities that set up projects in the name of big data, supercomputer centers, etc. but are engaged in virtual currency “mining”. On June 12, people from the Yunnan Provincial Energy Administration Office confirmed that according to the notice, various power-using departments will be organized to carry out joint inspections in a timely manner. At the end of June this year, Bitcoin mining companies will be cleaned up and rectified, and Bitcoin mining companies relying on power generation will be seriously investigated and punished. Enterprises, unauthorized private connection of electricity, evasion of national transmission and distribution fees, funds, and additional profit-making illegal activities, once discovered, immediately suspend power supply; severely investigate and punish power generation companies who use the generated electricity to privately transfer bitcoin without permission The illegal behavior of mining companies to obtain illegitimate benefits by supplying power; seriously investigate and deal with hidden dangers in the power use of Bitcoin mining companies, and immediately order them to shut down and make corrections once they are discovered