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Can the strength of the face value circle GAC AION S Plus impress young people?


【Auto World Original】 GAC Ian, which only announced its brand independence from the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, has begun to perform better. On June 23, GAC AION S Plus was officially launched, with a total of 5 models launched, with a subsidized price range of 139,600 to 722,600 yuan. As an upgraded version of AION S, the new car has an improved cruising range. The NEDC cruising range is 410km, 510km and 602km respectively. Speaking of AION S, I believe everyone is familiar with this car. With its stylish appearance, exquisite and luxurious interior design, a body length of more than 4.7 meters and a wheelbase of 2.75 meters, coupled with the characteristics of easy driving and long battery life, AION S is used in the field of personal cars and “online car-hailing” Both have high exposure. In addition to the recent May, the cumulative production and sales of AION S has exceeded 100,000 units. However, the proportion of operating vehicles is too large, and the proportion of passenger cars is small, which has become the biggest pain point since the launch of AION S. How to get more individual users to accept AION S is what GAC Aeon needs to think about next. Let’s start with the appearance of the changes of GAC AION S Plus. In terms of appearance, the design of GAC AION S Plus is inspired by the previously released ENO.146 concept car. The new car adopts the brand-new “Wind from Galaxy” family design language. Different from AION S, the front face grille of AION S Plus is larger, and the streamer arc headlights with three-dimensional cutting design method look sharper and more atmospheric. In addition, the new car’s drag coefficient is only 0.211Cd, which can bring a better visual perception and energy consumption index. In terms of color, the new car continues the same black roof design as the AION S, creating a more fashionable two-tone body and adding two new car paint colors, “holographic silver” and “ice rose powder”, of which “holographic silver” The use of nano-grade color-changing pearlescent is the largest discoloration among mass-produced cars; “Ice Rose Pink” is a color scheme specially designed for fashionable women, which retains the metal texture to a great extent. It is very eye-catching when driving on the street. It is the most popular color in the future. In terms of body size, GAC AION S Plus has a length, width and height of 4810/1880/1515mm, and a wheelbase of 2750mm. The body length is 42mm longer than AION S, and it is also lower. Coming to the tail, AION S Plus uses the very popular through-type taillights to expand the visual width of the entire tail. The taillight adopts a horizontal penetrating laser blade design, which is more recognizable after being lit at night, and it also has a sense of technology and future. Entering the car, you can find that AION S Plus has undergone a brand-new design. The new car adopts a design with three different trims in gray, black and silver. It has a large suspended central control screen + a large full LCD instrument panel. The combination of, creates an excellent sense of science and technology in the car. In addition, the 14.6-inch central control screen adopts a brand-new UI design, the display effect is more delicate and the operation is more convenient. Intelligentization has always been the strength of GAC Aian. The new car is equipped with version 4.0 of the ADiGO intelligent driving interconnected ecosystem, and the human-computer interaction experience is very good. In addition, the new car can realize functions such as remote control unlocking, remote parking, and key sharing; the seat automatically retreats when the door is opened, and automatically moves forward when the door is closed; as long as the user opens the door and enters the cockpit, the AION S Plus will automatically power on, simplifying the start button and hanging You can start when you block, and there are also automatic window closing when it rains, smart sentry mode, etc. It is worth mentioning that AION S Plus adopts the world’s first third-generation flexible electrochromic technology panoramic canopy. This is not only the world’s largest panoramic color canopy with an area of ​​1.90, it is also the world’s fastest canopy of color change, with full range changes. The time is less than 2 minutes/square meter. At the same time, it adopts double silver coating + Low-E heat insulation glass, the UV isolation rate is greater than 99.9%, and the haze is less than 1.5%. In terms of power, AION S Plus is equipped with a front permanent magnet synchronous drive motor. According to different adjustments, the maximum power is 100kW (136 hp), 150kW (204 hp) and 165kW (224 hp) three power versions, NEDC The cruising range is 410km, 510km and 602km. As a pure electric coupe, AION S Plus also has outstanding performance in terms of performance. According to official information, the 0-50km/h acceleration time of the 165kW (224 hp) power version is only 3.3 seconds, and the 0-100km/h acceleration time reaches the level of 6 seconds. AION S Plus is equipped with the leading ADiGO 2.5 autopilot system at the same level, which includes more than ten active safety functions. It is also the second model in the GAC Aeon family to be equipped with a magazine battery. It has better battery cells and thermal management technologies. , It is more secure in terms of safety. Written at the end: In recent years, consumers’ recognition of new energy vehicles has been continuously increasing. As an early entry into the field of electric vehicles, GAC Aion has accumulated a good market beer through the hot sales of AION S. The new AION S Plus launched by GAC AION has been greatly improved on the basis of AION S. It has a trendy appearance, intelligent technology configuration, and good performance and battery life. It may be able to get a lot of young people. People’s favor