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Ho Chi Minh City discovered more workers in two industrial parks positive


The health sector has detected 4 more cases and 17 combined positive samples in Vinh Loc A and Tan Phu Trung industrial zones.
Regarding the outbreaks in Ho Chi Minh City, on June 15, reported at the meeting of the Steering Committee for COVID-19 Prevention and Control, Director of the Department of Health Nguyen Tan Binh informed that the city continued to detect cases of the disease. from the outbreak of the Renaissance Mission Church group, but they are all in the concentrated isolation area.

Besides, there were many other notable outbreaks such as the one at Hoc Mon mechanical workshop (51 cases), Ehome 3 apartment building (59 cases), Kim Minh Company (27 cases), Tan Phu District Hospital. (13 cases) Regarding the Hoc Mon mechanical workshop, an employee at the garment factory in Vinh Loc A industrial park (Binh Chanh district) was taken to concentrated isolation from June 9, and tested positive on June 15. Also located in Vinh Loc A industrial zone, on June 12, through a screening test at the hospital, a worker working at a food company was also positive. From here, the health sector took more than 100 test samples of F1 and screened for about 500 employees at the dormitory of this facility, and 350 people at the factory, and found 11 positive aggregate samples. Cu Chi field hospital, where COVID-19 patients are treated in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: HOANG LAN On June 13, through screening, Xuyen A Hospital discovered a positive person in Tan Phu Trung industrial zone (Cu Chi district). Continue to screen close contacts, family members, recorded 4 positive cases and 6 positive pool samples. In addition, through community screening, testing more than 1,500 workers staying in Binh Tan district working for PouYuen company, there were 2 positive cases. Binh said that in the coming time, the medical force will continue to strengthen measures to control the COVID-19 epidemic in the area, strengthen tracing investigation, thoroughly zoning out the epidemic, and testing on a large scale. high-risk areas to look for sources of infection. The authorities will tighten the streamlining and screening of patients who come for examination and treatment, especially paying attention to checking epidemiological factors, carefully screening people coming from such as places where COVID-19 cases have been recorded. , who have suspicious symptoms.