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An inventory of the 16 most popular varieties of rose flowers in the world are all selected for the existence of the Palace of Famous Flowers


An inventory of the 16 most popular varieties of rose flowers in the world are all selected for the existence of the Palace of Famous Flowers

Do you know that there is an organization: the World Federation of Rose Societies? They will hold a World Rose Conference every three years, with more than 40 member states participating in the organization. Each time the members will vote for the world’s most beloved rose, the rose that can win this honor, needless to say, is definitely in There are extraordinary influences all over the world. This can be regarded as the famous flower palace of roses. Since the establishment of the World Federation of Rose Societies in 1968, there are only 16 rose varieties that can be used in this palace. Next, let’s share with you the 16 rose varieties that have won this honor, let’s take a look at how the rose family’s varieties that have swept the world have created a legend of an era.


Peace (1976)

Was rated as the greatest rose variety in the 20th century. Its greatness lies not in itself, but in its legendary experience. It was cultivated by Frenchman Francis Mayang in 1939, and was named “Peace” by the American Pacific Rose Association in April 1945. At this time, Germany was conquered. In September, this rose called “Peace” was awarded the Gold Medal of the All-American Rose, and at this time, Japan announced its surrender. And at the first meeting of the United Nations that followed, every United Nations representative who participated in the meeting was presented with a “peace” rose, and the accompanying message was “We hope to promote the maintenance of lasting world peace.” The most legendary Color rose, peace. No one, it has witnessed the peace of mankind.

02 Queen Elizabeth (1979) It is well-deserved for being selected into the Hall of Fame. Prior to it, there was no classification of strong rose. In 1954, the Americans cultivated this kind of rose, which is known as a new classification of rose flowers. Why is it called the rose? Not only the flowers are much larger, but it can also open in clusters. And why it is called Queen Elizabeth, is not known. 03 Xiangyun (1981) Listening to the name, you know that this rose is famous for its fragrance. It was cultivated in Germany in 1963. When it blooms, it emits a strong aroma of citrus and roses. A glorious avenue with soft hands. 04 Iceberg (1983) A floribunda rose with excellent overall performance was born in Germany in 1958 and won the highest honor award of the British rose in the same year. It is one of the most popular rose varieties at present, and its outstanding features are: disease resistance, cold tolerance and excellent growth habits. 05 Double Happiness (1985) When you hear the name, please don’t think that it is Chinese. It is an American hybrid tea rose. It was bred in 1977, and now it has basically one plant, which shows its popularity. As for why the breeder gave it such a name, and the popularity of the Double Happiness Rose in China, it is hard to explain. 06 My Ang Papa (1988) I didn’t want to talk about this name, but when I saw this velvety black and red four for the first time, I was still shocked. It looked graceful and magnificent. With it as the parent, many new rose varieties that are beautiful and resistant to disease have been bred. 07 Pascali (1991) It is regarded as the most famous white rose. Since it was bred in 1961, it has become the most outstanding hybrid tea rose variety. The most loved by people is the high-hearted and quasi-feeling pattern and the almost pure white color. In 1963, it swept the world of rose all over the world at that time. But it wasn’t until 1991 that it was elected to the Hall of Fame of the Rose World, and it was a bit late for it. 08 Jajoy (1994) After being cultivated in the UK in 1972, it quickly occupied one of the top five hybrid tea roses. It is the descendant of Xiangyun. It not only inherits the most outstanding floral fragrance of Xiangyun, but also color, flowering form and disease resistance. All the characteristics and qualities are outstanding, and the top 5 is well deserved. 09 New Dawn (1997) It is the earliest existence cultivated in the rose palace in the world. It was born in England in 1930. It was the best large-flowered vine rose at that time, with excellent flowering. The height can reach 300-450 cm, the crown width can reach 180 to 300 cm, the flowers bloom in 3 seasons, and various resistances are extremely strong. So far, it is one of the best multi-season flowering vine roses. 10 Ingrid Bergman (2000) It is also a classic rose variety that has won this honor for its comprehensive performance ability. It was bred in 1984. It is a rose variety that can withstand -30℃ ultra-low temperature. In addition to being able to withstand ultra-low temperature, it is also not afraid of being exposed to rain. It is very heat-resistant, and the different climate and environment have little effect. It is simply a small strength in the world of rose flowers. 11 Bonica (2003) The magical Bonica, a floribunda rose cultivated in 1981 at Meon International in France. A rose flower that has been given a magical effect. The magic is that it is a variety that can be used flexibly. It can be cultivated as a floribunda rose or as a vine. Not only can it bloom in multiple seasons, but it also has strong disease resistance and hardly gets powdery mildew and black spot. 12 Lonza Gem (2006) A new variety bred by Meon International in France in 1985, but it was not favored at the time. Just when it was about to give up, it was discovered by a German company. Only then did the current Lonza gemstone become popular throughout the rose world. It has been a legend for several years, basically with one tree in hand 13 Irina (2006) So far, one of the most frequently flowered rose varieties. As a kind of yellow rose, the most surprising thing is not the large number of frequent flowers, but its excellent disease resistance. It has won many awards worldwide. . It was cultivated in Northern Ireland in 1984. 14 Graham Thomas (2009) One of the most successful rose varieties bred by David Austin of the United Kingdom. Since its birth in 1983, it has successively won more than 40 world awards as one of the most parental rose varieties. Among its descendants, there have appeared one after another, Charlotte, Grams Castle, Kind, Hyde Manor, Pat Austin and other outstanding rose varieties. 15 Sally Holmes (2012) The rose, which is said to cry after being seen by a single dog, is the most romantic rose flower, not one of them. This is a single rose. The reason why it is known as the most romantic rose is because it was named after the cultivator’s wife. And it is very flowery, 25 flowers can be bloomed on one branch. Nowadays, this romantic love rose has been planted in every corner of the world. 16 Cocktail (2015) It is still a shrub rose cultivated by the French Mayang, which can be planted as a vine. The most fascinating thing is its color difference. The yellow in the middle will continue to evolve into white with the flowering period. It is also a very disease-resistant and heat-resistant rose variety. I introduced you to the 16 most popular roses in the world today, all of which were once popular in the world, and there are no two in the limelight. I have not found the list afterwards, but there will definitely be more in the famous rose palace in the future. Yes, the new rose varieties, we will wait and see. I am @花房姑娘娟子, please pay attention, like, thank you!