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Original report: The market size of the Internet medical industry is expected to exceed one trillion yuan in 2025


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Recently, Mob Research Institute released the 2021 Internet Medical Industry Insight Report. According to the report, as the policy of the Internet medical industry has changed from prudence to openness, the policy guarantee system has been continuously improved, which has stabilized the cornerstone of market expansion. The sudden new crown epidemic in 2020 has become an industry accelerator, and the market size is expected to exceed one trillion in 2025.

my country’s Internet medical treatment has a history of 20 years, and it is developing upward amidst twists and turns. Internet medical care leverages the epidemic to increase exposure, cultivate user habits, and press the accelerator key for industry development.

The report pointed out that my country’s high-quality medical resources are insufficient. The number of tertiary hospitals accounts for less than 10%, but they carry over 50% of the medical needs. The utilization rate of beds in tertiary hospitals exceeds 90%, while the utilization rate of beds in primary medical institutions is low. As the health literacy level of Chinese residents increases year by year, more and more people are concerned about their health needs. Faced with the problem of insufficient supply of high-quality medical resources, technologies such as the Internet and artificial intelligence connecting resources are expected to break the medical dilemma.

With the resonance of the black swan of the epidemic and favorable policies, the Internet medical industry has ushered in a golden growth period. In 2020, there will be frequent large-scale financing events in the Internet medical industry, and capital is generally optimistic. The report predicts that the scale of the Internet medical industry is expected to exceed one trillion yuan in 2025.

From the user survey, the report found that the proportion of Internet medical users in second-tier and above cities has decreased, and the proportion of third-tier cities and below has increased. The proportion of users in Guangdong far exceeds that of other provinces. Among medical e-commerce users, male participation is significantly higher than that of females; among registered consultation users, males and females account for the same proportion, but females have a higher preference. Young and middle-aged people are the main force in medical e-commerce and registered consultations. Young people aged 25-34 prefer online consultations, while middle-aged and elderly people over 45 are more willing to buy medicines online. From the perspective of industry development trends, the report believes that in the short term, the daily life of users during the 2020 Spring Festival will increase significantly, and user satisfaction will be high, which is conducive to the formation of user habits, and the traffic dividend is expected to continue. In the medium term, many pain points in the medical industry are waiting for artificial intelligence to provide new solutions, and AI may become the next prescription. In the long term, smart community medical care will help to form a hierarchical diagnosis and treatment of “first diagnosis at the grassroots level, two-way referral, linkage between upper and lower levels, and separate treatment for emergency and slowness”, and relieve medical pressure