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Original Liu Yonghao: The most right thing for me in the past ten years is to step down from the throne of the “big king” and become thousands of strugglers.


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“My daughter Liu Chang often tells new employees that the most right and difficult thing I have done in the past ten years is to step down from the throne of the “king” and become thousands of strugglers.” On June 8 At the opening ceremony of the 21st annual meeting of the 2021 Yabuli China Entrepreneurs Forum, New Hope Group Chairman Liu Yonghao said.

Liu Yonghao said that in the past, he was called the “Quail King” and the “Feed King”, but there was only one King. In people’s minds, he was the King to achieve the best. But the king has the limitation of the times, and this limitation emphasizes the authority of the individual. The problem for most companies now is to activate the organization and to drive the team. We must mobilize the enthusiasm of more managers and create an organization where everyone is vying to be an entrepreneur.

He pointed out that The great changes brought about by the Internet have made people realize that large companies have to struggle and small companies have opportunities. The key is who meets their needs and who solves the pain points. “So we turned the new hope into a’platform’ to empower, and we changed the rules of the game to’see who contributes the most and who lives for a long time’ instead of’seeing who is the king’. We hope that in the new Under the system and framework of hope, more subdivisions of chickens, cows, and unicorns will emerge.” Liu Yonghao said.

Liu Yonghao explained that for these three species, Jifeng is more like small and beautiful small and micro enterprises and family workshops. Although they are not large in scale, they are diligent and diligent and strive for perfection; Niutou represents those who silently contribute and graze and milk. Struggling entrepreneurs, through their struggle to achieve a certain scale of business, they have become an important force to promote the progress of the industry; and unicorns are familiar to everyone, referring to those technology-based potential stocks with a valuation of more than 1 billion US dollars.

“Jifeng represents the pioneer of small and micro enterprises, Niutou represents the power of transformation and upgrading, and unicorns represent the future technology trend. The tens of thousands of Chinese companies led by them constitute a wonderful landscape.”

What kind of company is this new hope now? Liu Yonghao replied that New Hope is shifting from one company to one platform, hoping to provide different types of companies and entrepreneurs with different support and empowerment, and help them play on their own tracks