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Why does the original “Between the Ice” consume Zhao Liying’s enthusiasm? The audience complained: He Jiong is the fault of the show’s ugliness!


A good hand was played sloppy.

Zhao Liying participated in “Please Come to the Refrigerator Party Season” , Is a program to participate in as a “refrigerator owner”.

In the program, He Jiong did not forget to “remind” Zhao Liying in due course–“ You are the owner of the refrigerator “.

What caused Zhao Liying to “forget” the identity of her refrigerator owner in this episode?

Don’t forget, Zhao Liying participated in “Please, I’m the Refrigerator” as the main guest in this issue, but she didn’t see Zhao Liying’s refrigerator during the whole process.

Can “Please Refrigerator” without a refrigerator be called “Please Refrigerator”?

When did the variety show start to play with the stalk of “there is no wife in the wife cake”.

In the movie “The Sun Never Sets in a Hotel”, the starring column clearly states that Shen Teng starred, but in the movie Shen Teng only appeared as a billboard.

“Please Refrigerator” invited Zhao Liying. Everyone thought they wanted to see Zhao Liying’s refrigerator, but only saw Zhao Liying appear as a foil.

Match everyone to play basketball, accompany everyone to kick the shuttlecock, and they are all in the corner of the screen. … When has Zhao Liying been a “supporting role” in a variety show? Can’t help but admire these two big boys who are playing basketball! I don’t know if Zhao Liying took a refrigerator in this episode. It would be a waste of expression if I did bring it. In this issue, she was a little bit aggrieved as the “refrigerator owner”. Some viewers complained that this episode was not good, He Jiong is indispensable . After all, in the director’s column, it is impressively written Director He Jiong A few big characters. Some viewers also complained that He Jiong hoped that he would be a good host, and let the directors do things like professional people. The variety shows that Mr. He Jiong participated in are indeed countless, maybe even five fingers can’t count them. The names that can be called are: “Happy Camp”, “Longing for Life”, “Please, Please Refrigerator”. After each broadcast, it attracted great attention. In this season’s “Please Refrigerator” Boom Season, I don’t know if Mr. He Jiong feels too tired from working in several jobs, or if he is really lacking in skills, or if he deliberately avoids suspicion, he has a sense of alienation from Zhao Liying. Or the editing issue, the two people barely looked at each other, and there was no communication in body language. It can be seen from the show that Zhao Liying is trying very hard to integrate into the group, but He Jiong is always neglecting to take care of her, and is struggling to bring the big boys to play. Wu Lei was generous in the show, very easy-going, and very good at enlivening the atmosphere of the show. His perspective is very unique. When he discovers pillows and household items, he always dared to be the first to try, and discover the use that everyone could not think of. Wu Lei doesn’t even need the host to liven up the atmosphere and drive the topic. He is an active topic maker. So compared to Zhao Liying, Wu Lei’s personality is more outgoing and open-minded, so he can find his place without any care from the host. But Zhao Liying can clearly see that there is still Kind of shy , Somewhat uncomfortable, it is difficult for her to drive the topic and enliven the atmosphere. Everyone’s activities at the scene are also sports that are of interest to boys, similar to Play basketball, kick the shuttlecock This kind of. Finally came across a cooking project that she was somewhat interested in, but the show was nearing its end. Although these projects may not be of interest to Zhao Liying, it can be seen that she is trying hard to integrate into everyone. When everyone was talking and she was just listening, He Jiong suggested that she be more active, and she didn’t hold it at all, and she immediately smiled and changed in seconds. Little sweet sister “. Even when playing basketball, which is biased towards male sports, she worked hard to participate and played basketball with everyone. Everyone kicked the shuttlecock a few times along with her. She looked very easy-going. And the show was complained” Not good looking “There is a high probability that it has something to do with the host. The program project has not been arranged, and everyone has not found their place. Although Zhao Liying is the owner of the refrigerator, but the refrigerator does not appear in the show, she is very passive and has to play games with everyone. If Zhao Liying can be invited to the show, it should also have a lot to do with He Jiong. Since Zhao Liying got married to divorced, and now she is single, she rarely participates in variety shows. “Please Refrigerator” should be Zhao Liying’s first variety show since her divorce. Many viewers want to use this “slow variety show” to come. Learn more about Zhao Liying . I want to know why she changed from “little sweet” to beautiful and sassy, ​​and her temperament suddenly became “very royal sister”. I also want to know what other useful items are hidden in her refrigerator as a star Zhao Liying. We really want to know some of Zhao Liying’s feelings, just sit down and have a good chat. Some viewers made suggestions:” Originally wanted to watch Xiao Zhao talk about family life, he was a slow-moving person, so it’s not as good as the previous “Longing for Life”. ” This is not just the name of other shows mentioned by the audience in this variety show. Even Zhao Liying also mentioned in the show that some forms of the show are very similar to “Chinese Restaurant”. She even deliberately “ avoid arousing suspicion “When someone was washing the dishes, she didn’t choose the past, not because she didn’t want to help, but because she felt Working together in the past was like “Chinese Restaurant” . Zhao Liying also worked very hard to prevent the “homogenization” of the show. Zhao Liying also felt very non-existent when he saw He Jiong playing with a few older boys. I can’t help but tease myself: “ I feel superfluous “. If this program is done well, it will follow the original routine and present Zhao Liying’s refrigerator, pulling Zhao Liying Say a few words about some short stories in the process of filming It will make the audience feel “pretty much.” Even if this refrigerator is one of Zhao Liying’s many refrigerators, even the refrigerator is temporarily prepared in a hurry. It will also make people feel a little bit warmer when watching the show. There is no need to spend too much time at home, just talk about your recent mood and feel any changes in your mentality after giving birth, just a few words. However, the program changed the direction, shifting the focus to two things like Guys who can’t speak Mandarin . A group of big boys talked, only Zhao Liying was “isolated” to one side. In order to make Zhao Liying less lonely in the show, at least one or two other female guests or hostesses should be recruited at the same time. There will be a lot of conversation between the two girls, which can also increase the visibility of the show. A good episode of the show can take advantage of Zhao Liying’s popularity to let more viewers see this variety show. But seeing the show only made people pay attention to Zhao Liying as if “ Nowhere to put “In my heart, I really felt that sometimes she was embarrassed to follow everyone behind her, and she didn’t know what to do. A good hand is played in a sloppy hand, it’s too wasteful!