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Hong Bang International University launches new learning space


Recently, a series of photos of the lobby of Hong Bang International University (HIU) made many people, especially 2K3 freshmen, predict that after the end of social distancing, in the new school year, this will be one of them. ideal learning and working spaces in Vietnam.

After studying, students can visit the lobby to relax and sublimate their creativity. Photo: VGP/Minh Thi The learning environment has always been recognized as an important and indispensable factor in the career of growing people. Not only focusing on the quality of training, from the campus as well as the architecture, the layout and most especially the lobby area cannot be missed. Stepping into the school’s lobby, if parents and students do not know the name of Hong Bang International University, they will think this is the lobby of a 5-star hotel because of the layout of space, light and furniture here. . It is natural light combined with artificial light and sofa layout to create a quiet, gentle space without being boring; the position and design of the sofa sets are focused by those who place them to create a cozy and sophisticated space; The space is large and airy and the design of the lobby is very special… Therefore, after stressful study hours, every other time of the day students visiting the lobby will truly relax and sublimate their creativity, because from landscape design, interior design in the area. The lobby ensures optimal placement of learners in the central position. HIU has been aiming to be a top quality university in Vietnam built according to international standards. Photo: VGP/Minh Thi HIU’s architecture is a harmonious combination of neoclassical style on the outside with the shape of a knowledge ship, while inside is a trendy design with high utility. Lecturers and students not only experience the space as “knowledge castles” in lecture halls, classrooms, and practice rooms, but right from the moment they enter, the lobby area – HIU has also made an impression. 5 stars” is hard to find anywhere in Vietnam. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok … are indispensable applications on smartphones of many young people today. Eating “trend”, living “viral”, every move of 92% of Gen Z cannot be separated from the internet, because that is where young people not only learn the knowledge of life and study but also to They share everything from stories around daily life, reviews of favorite restaurants, high-end tech gadgets, even about the future school with “one-of-a-kind” facilities. yours anymore. That is also the reason why most young people want to attend universities with a new “interface”, beautiful scenery, monumental lobby… like HIU. The first impression when setting foot here is only encapsulated in two words “beautiful, luxurious”. The splendor of this grand, comfortable and modern property seems to cover not a single square meter. HIU has been aiming to be a top quality university in Vietnam built according to international standards, the highlight of the current facilities seems to be quite perfectly meeting the standards set by the society. association is aiming for. Therefore, the creation of modern and scientific learning spaces along with the innovation of teaching thinking methods in the direction of internationalization to meet the new human needs of society are being targeted by HIU. and make efforts. Hong Bang International University considers academic records online from June 8, 2021 on www.online.hiu.vn, or submits them directly by post, or submits them directly to HIU and adheres to the 5K principle. Website: https://hiu.vn/ – Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hiu.vn/. Email: [email protected][email protected].