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Models of level 4 mezzanine houses are sought after in both the city and the countryside


In recent years, the mezzanine level 4 model has become a home design trend in cities when the land fund for construction is limited as well as a cost-effective solution for families in the countryside.
Land fund or construction budget is limited but still want to own a comfortable and unique level 4 house is the desire of many people today; and one of the models that can meet the above expectations is a level 4 mezzanine house.

Level 4 house with Thai roof with mezzanine in the countryside A model of a level 4 house with a mezzanine in the city Normally, level 4 houses are built on a modest ground, so the mezzanine design is considered an effective way to increase the usable area of ​​​​the house without causing its height to change. The mezzanine (or mezzanine floor, loft) is an intermediate floor, designed to connect with the ground floor and used as a space for resting, reading, worshiping… The model house level 4 has a mezzanine that is both beautiful and economical. Save the living space for the family as well as create a highlight for the house. Even if the owner uses the first floor for business, the living room can be moved to the mezzanine so that the family can both receive guests and observe the trading on the first floor. House space with mezzanine Currently, there are several types of mezzanines that are chosen by many people such as the front mezzanine, the side mezzanine and the in-room mezzanine. In particular, the front mezzanine is used a lot because it makes a strong impression when entering the living room, creating a new and attractive feeling. The mezzanine on the side brings novelty, uniqueness and personality, but must ensure the area is large enough because this type of design requires a spacious space. The mezzanine in the room is often arranged on the toilet, creating a workspace or reading place. However, to be able to find a beautiful mezzanine house design idea and suitable for the needs of the family, homeowners need to have a good construction plan. It is necessary to determine the available space, choose the most suitable material for the structure of the building and, importantly, choose the height of the mezzanine. It is necessary to avoid the design of the mezzanine that is too high or too low to affect the daily activities of family members. In addition, it is necessary to calculate in the most meticulous and detailed way the ventilation and air circulation capacity by using the appropriate light sources of the mezzanine. The height of the mezzanine must be suitable so as not to create a sense of mystery or shock for occupants. According to many architects, the height of the mezzanine should fall between 2.5m – 2.8m, the mezzanine should not be designed lower than this minimum height to avoid causing a feeling of mystery and suppression for users use; but also should not be too much higher because it makes people feel dizzy and lose their aesthetics. For a house with depth, homeowners can design a mezzanine located in the ground floor and used as a common living place. Floors with mezzanines usually have to be 4.5m – 5m high, mezzanine floors need to be designed to occupy 2/3 of the area of ​​a floor. Mezzanine design should not occupy more than 80% of the ground floor area. In particular, in Vietnam, when designing mezzanine floors, great attention must be paid so as not to violate the Construction Law; For example, if the owner fills the atrium in the mezzanine floor, it will be considered an act of building more than the allowed number of floors and will be fined. Some of the most popular indoor mezzanine models today: