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This is the face of Volkswagen, “Uncle Liu” endorses a large 6-seater SUV, starting within 300,000


This is the face of Volkswagen, “Uncle Liu” endorses a large 6-seater SUV, starting within 300,000 As a world-class automobile giant, Volkswagen certainly does not need to doubt its technical strength. However, most of its products have been ordinary family cars with cheap styles after being introduced to the Chinese market for so many years. The sense of design is indeed relatively lacking, and the space and power performance are generally average. . Since the suspension of production of the Volkswagen Phaeton, it seems that there has been a lack of a real face product, but the recent appearance of a new model broke this situation. FAW-Volkswagen has officially launched its launch price of 299,000 yuan, positioning it as a medium and large SUV. From the perspective of size positioning, this FAW-Volkswagen Lanjing is currently the world’s largest-scale Volkswagen SUV model, with a total length of 5152mm, a body width of 2002mm, and a wheelbase of 2980mm, which is obviously better than a medium-sized Highlander and the like. The SUV is a lap bigger, so the appearance is already full. This time the new car also invited the popular star actor Yu Hewei to endorse, that is, the image of Uncle Liu Huang who is very familiar on the screen. It can be felt that Volkswagen is also very particular about looking for spokespersons. , Last time I invited Liu Yifei to a new electric model, and this time I invited Yu Hewei to choose different models based on the temperament of the target customer groups. Judging from the appearance and design of this car, the current Volkswagen model has completely got rid of the doll curse. The front face of the front of the car has a more refined chrome-plated horizontal air intake grille with LED matrix headlights. The whole car is indeed very strong when viewed from the side. In particular, there are large-area side windows behind the c-pillar to ensure that the third row of passengers is transparent, and the rear part provides the current popular through-type taillights. After opening the door, there will be more surprises. Nowadays, Volkswagen’s interior is not boring at all. The center console directly provides a full LCD instrument panel system and a large-size navigation screen. The sense of technology brought by the two large screens is quite intuitive and newly designed. The multi-function steering wheel has also become much more refined, and coupled with the small-sized electronic gear lever similar to the 8th-generation Golf, the front-row driving space is very advanced. The current FAW-Volkswagen Range provides 6 seats, that is, a 2+2+2 seat layout, which is a more comfortable configuration for a medium and large SUV, especially the third row passengers can also enjoy Very spacious horizontal space. In order to drive this big SUV, of course a stronger engine is needed. The entry has already provided a 2.0t low-power version of the engine. The maximum output of 186 horsepower is a sufficient level. The medium version is a 2.0t high-power engine with a maximum output of 220. Horsepower, and matched with a 4-wheel drive system. If it is not enough, the highest version is directly equipped with a 2.5t turbocharged engine. The maximum output of this v6 engine can be increased to 299 horsepower, and it is also blessed with a four-wheel drive system. Generally speaking, the starting price of this FAW-Volkswagen package is controlled within 300,000. The size has a trend of leapfrogging, coupled with the atmospheric appearance and more refined interior, it is very in line with the preference of Chinese consumers in car selection, so it is not difficult to predict. The final sales performance of this model will be very optimistic. The question is coming, do you think the masses can be popular? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, let’s discuss together! Take a second to pay attention and make friends for life! Some pictures are from the Internet, and writing is not easy. Fans are welcome to like and share.