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‘Sunflower against the sun’ has a sweet ending, the audience regrets the kiss of Hong Dang-Hong Diem


‘Sunflower against the sun’ has finally ended with the audience’s desired ending, and sunflowers are no longer ‘inside the sun’.
So “Sunflower against the sun” has ended its long journey in episode 70. As expected, a beautiful and sweet ending for couples to satisfy the audience’s expectations.

Also in the last episode, many viewers were touched by the fact that Mrs. Diem Loan had a serious illness at the end of her life. She went to the bedroom with Minh, instructing Minh to treat him well, not to call him “Ngu Tri” because he was afraid that the name would come to his body. Her whole life she made many mistakes and was not a good mother. At the end of her life, when she learned that she had a serious illness, she realized what was most important and hoped that her children would live well. When going to the temple, Ms. Loan suddenly felt relieved and seemed to intend to become a monk. Mrs. Diem Loan (Van Dung) advised her children when she knew she had a serious illness. One detail is that on the day of Mr. Phan’s birthday, the whole Cao Duoc family gathered. In addition to family members, “grooms” such as Uncle Quan, Hoang and Tri were also present. Also at the birthday celebration, Mr. Phan decided to give the right to run the group to his daughter-in-law – Mrs. Cuc and wanted them to help Cao Duoc develop. “At this age, seeing his children and grandchildren happy is really blessed. We have lost a lot of things but the storm has passed. We have stood firm, together, stronger and love each other more… “, Mr. Phan reminded his children. At the end of the film, everyone won their own happiness: Mr. Quan and Mrs. Bach Cuc were together, Hoang proposed to Minh and Minh also succeeded in developing their own medicinal products, Chau became a fashion designer. page while Ngoc modeled for Cao Duoc’s products… Thu Trang had a successful role in “Sunflower against the sun”. On her personal page, Hong Diem was touched when the film ended a long journey: “An evening with too many emotions. The journey “Sunflower against the sun” has officially ended. Sincere thanks to the entire film crew for being happy, sad, angry, and hard together during nearly 10 months of filming. Sincerely thank the audience for accompanying the film for more than 5 months on television. The emotions and suggestions of the audience will be the motivation for us to confidently move on. And finally, if we have a chance, we will meet again…” The couple Mrs. Cuc and Mr. Quan had a perfect ending. Thu Trang after “The Girls in the City” officially has a “heavyweight” and long-term role in “Sunflower Against the Sun”. Thu Trang herself admitted that she faced a lot of pressure when playing the lead role among the famous actors. During the filming process, Thu Trang received a lot of “brick and stone” from the audience because the role of Minh is a girl who is too personality and strong. “And in the end, what will come will have to come, a journey that leaves many memories. We are temporarily apart to make an appointment to meet again. In the past time, maybe “Sunflower against the sun” still has shortcomings that make the audience The author is not really satisfied, but I hope that we will all give each other a thank you because at least that poetry will last forever,” Thu Trang touched. Hong Diem and Hong Dang have yet to have a real kiss. It is undeniable that the 70-episode journey has made the film inevitable with “grains”, especially in the last episodes: the film is lengthy, lengthy, and does not completely handle the conflict between the characters in the film. ; the detail of Chau being raped by Vy is considered unnecessary with the film circuit; to “praise” the third person too much… Explaining this, artist Van Dung once shared: “I think the more complicated the film, the more curious the audience is, the film always has to nurture the details, New details come to an end. Without conflict, without keeping the audience waiting, impatient, watching by the middle of the film, knowing how the film ended, it would not have been so well received by the audience.” Although there are many controversies, the majority of viewers still consider “Sunflower against the sun” to be a good movie, with many humane messages, the cast has good acting, strong internal force. The film also invests in a beautiful and romantic setting. On the film’s fanpage, a humorous audience: “No electricity costs to watch the movie, no exiting episode. The ending is too beautiful for a love story. Looking forward to the next return of the role of Song Hong (Hong Dang-Hong Diem)”. In particular, many viewers were disappointed because they were looking forward to the couple’s real kiss: “After months and days of pushing the boat for Mr. Kien to dock with Ms. Chau. A sweet ending that goes into the audience’s heart. And each sweet kiss of the two of you alone is too satisfying. But ten years of watching the movie, but Hong plays but it’s boring to miss each other when kissing.” “Sunflower against the sun” doesn’t need to be kissed, doesn’t need to be touched, just looking and talking together is enough love and sobbing, the love is peaceful and gentle over the years, “said an audience.