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A trip to Morocco in North Africa: Meet the blue and white towns on the Atlantic Ocean


A small country actually has its advantages, especially for those of us foreign tourists who come to North Africa. This trip to Morocco, a small country in Africa, only has a one-week time budget, but you can basically visit the main cities and towns of Morocco: Chefchaouen, Asilah, Casablanca, Marrakech, Essaouira, almost a day or two Can win a city, after all, the distance between the city and the city is not far, driving by car is the most ideal way to travel. Driving east from the world-class “net red and blue city” Chefchaouen, a two-and-a-half-hour drive can reach Asilah, a quiet small town on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The closest Moroccan city to this small town is Tangier, which is where you reach from Spain across the Strait of Gibraltar. So this town, like Tangier, has a very strong southern Spain style. Almost all the buildings in the small town are It is a combination of white and blue, so it is also called “blue and white town”. Fortunately, the road conditions on this road are good and there are few cars. The first feeling of entering Asilah City is quiet. Along the way, I couldn’t imagine what Asilah would be like, what kind of story would happen. For Asilah, I can’t find a guide at all. Even where the Riad bed and breakfast I booked is, I found it in a daze. I don’t know how other tourists find this secret place. It is completely different from other Moroccan cities and small towns I have visited. The biggest feeling is that there are very few people here, and there are even fewer tourists. The strongest feeling after coming to the town is that the world is suddenly muted, and all noise and interference are blocked. I have been to Essaouira and Chefchaouen. My initial hypothesis: Asilah will be a fusion of them-because there is the Atlantic Ocean like Essaouira, it should be warm and slightly salty. The smell of the sea breeze and the fisherman who fished; because it is closer to Spain, there should be blue house buildings similar to Chefchaouen and residents who hate taking pictures, right? As a result, Asilah is Asilah, it has its own style and breath. Walking along the alleys of Medina is like watching an art exhibition. And when you pay attention to your surroundings and find that it is quiet, you are the only one. Walking in the alleys of the old city where there are almost no people, the walls of the white houses around us are full of graffiti of various styles, some of them are exaggerated, some are delicate and gentle, we just walked and watched, and suddenly met a street corner. “Colored Box”. In fact, it was not a box, but a wooden independent small house. The exterior wall made of wooden planks was graffitied in various exaggerated colors. When I raised my camera to take a picture of this strange big guy, I poked a head out of the window. Smiled to me and said, you can’t take pictures here. But it was precisely because of this smile that I knew that he was not disgusted or disgusted, so I stepped forward to chat with the old man. He is a local artist, and this house is one of his proud works. Of course, he often changes his ideas, transforming this wooden house into various colors and themes. So on this topic, I chatted with him about the murals that can be seen everywhere in the city. He told me that the town of Asilah hosts a mural festival every August. Artists from all over the world will come to this quiet Atlantic town to use their imaginations and their views on the times and society through colors and patterns. Let it out and smear it on a white or blue wall. Every year, the public will also select some of the most popular works, and they will be preserved. He said that Asilah’s well-preserved city walls and gates record its history, and today’s murals have revived the old city of Asilah’s Medina! At this time, I suddenly realized how different this magical town was from my previous assumptions. I began to believe that classic saying– You can never truly understand any place where you have never really set foot, even if you have touched this piece of land thousands of times in your books. Walking out of the gates of Medina, warm colors appeared on the Atlantic Ocean. When the evening came, the pedestrians on the streets of Asilah gradually increased. People walked along the seawall and rested on the rocks when they were tired to watch the sunset. We also went to the bottom of the seawall and watched the setting sun sink into the sea in the distance. The sunset here is also so peaceful, with a little loneliness and little comfort. We were a little tired and wanted to find a restaurant to eat early, so we walked into the city. I naturally wanted to taste the local seafood by the sea, and suddenly I remembered the old artist-the only person I know in this small town. So according to a short memory, I tried to find the alley I just passed by, but the old man’s house was closed, and it seemed that he had gone back to his real home. Just as I was looking around, I saw the smiling face of a little girl who looked like a teenager. She was a school child. She should be able to speak English, right? I asked her, do you know which restaurant in Asilah is the best? She said a name without hesitation, I took out the phone and asked her to type the name of the store on my screen, and then I actually found the store in the navigation, the location is on the seaside road, and I read the reviews and said it was possible to eat Enjoy the sunset over the Atlantic Ocean. This should be the most popular seafood restaurant in the local area. From the description on the Internet, I guessed that it should be very lively. When I found the restaurant, I thought I had gone wrong. It’s the meal now, and the entire huge luxury restaurant counts us, and there are only three tables of guests in total. The diners at the neighboring table threw kind smiles at us from time to time, and we also greeted each other friendly. At this moment, you don’t have to worry about any trivial matters, just appreciate it and enjoy the seafood feast, and you will feel quite satisfied. I stayed in Asilah for one night and listened to the owner of the hotel. Asilah’s current fame has surpassed Chefchaouen, and has become an Internet celebrity destination for more and more young people from all over the world to come to Morocco to take pictures and check in. Its influence on Twitter and Facebook is very high. Indeed, the next morning, I paid special attention to the state of some tourists on the streets of Asilah. They really like to take pictures and punch in cool, enchanting, or charming actions on the streets of small towns.