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On the day of the engagement, the groom canceled the marriage and ran for a new love, 2 years later he went back to the facebook ‘missing wife’ and he fell back.


‘Two days ago, I informed my parents that I would cancel the marriage despite their scolding, I decided not to change…’, the boy shared.
Closer to the wedding day, the groom left for a new love with a dream of changing his life is the content of the story that is attracting the attention of many members in a closed group on the social network below.

The story is as follows: “After nearly 3 years of love, V. and I decided to get married in April 2019. However, in February of that year, I met T., one of the partners appointed by the company, I was in charge of cooperation, then everything started. head turns in the other direction. T. not only looks better than my lover, but also has a very rich family. Working together on a couple of projects, I realized that I and T. not only understand each other at work but also get along very well in conversation. With a lot of contact, we gradually developed feelings. More and more I see that T. is really the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with. Most importantly, if I take T., my future will be much brighter. The post of a young man After careful consideration, I secretly hid V. dating T. Many times I tried to turn the cards upside down with V. but I could not speak. Moreover, my parents liked her very much, always telling their sons to treat their future daughter-in-law well, so I was even more awkward. Really talking about feelings, I still love V. but as a man, I need to think further, know how to put money first. Therefore, after thinking carefully, I decided to help V. to perform my calculation, even though I knew for sure that I would have to endure a lot of pressure and scandal. Two days ago, I informed my parents that I would annul the marriage despite their scolding, I decided not to change. At the same time, I also met V. made it clear that I had found another half that was more perfect for me. V. helplessly accepted to break up with me without a word of complaint. After finishing with V., I always ran to my new love with many hopes for a bright tomorrow. At that time to me, T. was like a lever, only marrying her in the future, my career can go far. Unfortunately, things did not go as planned after that. Dating with a new lover for a few months, I discovered that she caught fish with two hands. Even more sad, although I accepted to be patient to ‘grow up’, T. still flatly refused. She said, her feelings for me are just play, never intended to marry a poor guy like me. The previous promises made to me were simply pleasant to say. Failure in love, my career after that time also encountered many difficulties. 2 years went by in a flash, last weekend I was fortunate to be recruited into a very good position in a large company. The sales director of that company was very young, only 2 years older than me, but talented and liberal. I’ve only been working for a few days and I have heard the company’s staff praise a lot about the boss, he is not only good at his profession but also loves his wife very much, which makes me quite curious. After dinner last night, I sat down and went to my boss’s personal page to take a look at his private life. When I saw the wedding photo my boss shared on his timeline, I was stunned, frozen. Unbelievably, the young wife who was loved and pampered by her boss so much that everyone in the company admired her was V., my girlfriend who used to cheat right next to the date of the engagement 2 years ago. Now she is the boss’s wife, living a rich and happy life, few compare. Illustration Along with looking at my boss’s facebook, I clicked on V’s personal page, so that my heart went numb before each photo, each status line she shared about the happy home with her husband. Looking at her facebook, the feeling of shame about the past once again rose up in me. The new job position I was enthusiastically working on suddenly lost interest. Not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t know how to face the boss – husband of my ex. Every time I look at my boss, I seem to look back at my wrong past, which makes me miserable and ashamed. Maybe I’ll resign before my boss knows who I am.” The mistake of the guy above is not too rare or unique. In fact, there are many people who have made such a serious mistake, by the time they realize the mistake, it is too late, there is no chance to do it again. The above story can be seen as a common lesson for young people, never let mistakes in the past affect your future, especially in love affairs.