Home Architecture Change your living space with 6 hot wall paint colors on social...

Change your living space with 6 hot wall paint colors on social networks


Just by changing the paint color, your living space will become different, inspiring and fun for family members.

When it comes to home decoration, often families just like to change furniture, add accessories such as paintings, plants, etc. to enrich the space. However, changing the new wall paint color really brings a new look to the house. Each season has different trend colors. Here are the paint colors that are causing fever on social networks. Blue: A fresh blue reminiscent of an aquarium, the sea cools down for summer. The blue color is not too bright, but it is very eye-catching. When combined with white decorations will make the space more prominent. Lavender purple: This color is predicted to cause a fever in the near future and can explode in design areas from fashion to decorations and furniture. This soft color gives the feeling of being in the middle of a flower garden. Bright white: This is the favorite color of designers to highlight furniture. Dark green: Being stuck in the house because of the Covid-19 epidemic for a long time makes everyone yearn for green and airy space. Dark blue can be applied to create cool but also classic, artistic. Earthy orange: Use rich colors to make an open space feel warmer or give depth to a room with an accent wall. Peach color: Pink is often used for children’s rooms, but with a gentle, delicate peach tone, its applicability is higher. This color brings a feeling of happiness and joy.