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It is Volkswagen’s largest SUV in the world!


FAW-Volkswagen’s first new flagship mid-to-large SUV, Lanjing has been pre-sold before, and a total of 6 models have been launched. On June 24th last night, Lanjing finally officially launched on the night of the ancient capital of Xi’an. Listed, The price range is 29.99-39.99 million yuan . The whole series are available in 6-seater and 7-seater versions, with 2.0T standard power, 2.0T high power, and 2.5T V6 power. Compared with the previous pre-sale price, except for the entry and top models, the others are unchanged. The configured models are 2100 yuan cheaper. The new car is based on the familiar Volkswagen MQB EVO platform. It covers everything from Volkswagen’s small car POLO to today’s car with a body length of more than 5 meters and a wheelbase of 2980mm. It is larger than Audi Q7 and BMW. X5 is even bigger, and I have to admire the high degree of compatibility of the popular platform. If you still feel unfamiliar with the scope of this FAW-Volkswagen, do you remember the mid-to-large SUV Tourang of SAIC Volkswagen before? In fact, Lanjing is also a product of Volkswagen’s two-car strategy in China. The two cars can be understood as a sister relationship, but the Lanjing was born four years later. There is plenty of time to combine the experience of the former to give birth to a better one. Product differentiation performance and experience. Unlike the hardcore image of Touron, the image of Lanjing seems to be able to take into account both domestic and commercial use. The design language adopts the shape of the Volkswagen SMV Concept concept car, making Lanjing more like a combination of Tourang and the prestige of medium and large MPVs. The black suspension roof design can lower the visual center of gravity of the overall car body, without sacrificing the practicality that an SUV should have. The style after the taillights of the car is lit and the new generation of Volkswagen’s pure electric series ID The .6 models are quite similar, with a sense of advanced technology. When it comes to technology, it is actually one of the highlights of Lanjing. First, with the support of the MQB EVO platform, Lanjing has been upgraded in all aspects of electrification and intelligence, mainly focusing on chassis structure and electrical wiring. These two aspects have been greatly optimized to increase the calculation speed of IQ.DRIVE technology and IQ.Light technology, including active and passive collision safety, L2+ level driving assistance, comprehensive parking assistance technology, smart lighting assistance system, and DCC dynamic chassis control System and so on. In the past, the models that focused on space at this price were more or less general in terms of sophistication and luxury, but this time the luxury of the range is carried out from the outside to the inside of the whole car, a bit subverted my concept, the interior The materials used are very particular, and it is difficult to see plastic materials appear again. The configuration and distribution of the three-row seats does not have a particularly large sense of drop, and thanks to the advantages of the body size, the performance of the third-row seating space is also a rare comfort experience in a group of 7-seat SUVs, and if it is a 6-seat version , In the second row, an executive-level boss seat is provided, with electric adjustment, active ventilation, heating, and a built-in 3D massage air bag, which can realize 3 modes and 3 intensities of pneumatic massage functions, simulating real massage techniques , The head is also equipped with aviation sleep headrest. The first cloud floating center console design gets rid of the dull doll style and has a certain personality. Among them, the Harman Kardon audio configuration with 12 speakers is relatively rare, and the steering wheel and multimedia system’s full touch buttons create an all-digital In the cockpit, the environment also uses noise reduction parts, double-layer sound insulation glass and optimized rear acoustics to improve the quietness of more than 50 places in the whole car. If you want this German-imported EA390 2.5T V6 engine, there is currently only the world, because this power has been cancelled on the latest Tuon, it can burst out a maximum of 299 horsepower and 500N m of torque. , Equipped with the BorgWarner-Hende 6th generation 4 MOTION four-wheel drive system of the same model as the Audi S3 and Golf R, and the new gearbox code-named DQ501, its brand-new bearing scheme and mechanical pump + electric pump control mode , Coupled with low-viscosity gearbox lubricants, make the performance of the environment satisfactory in terms of fuel consumption. Write at the end With the introduction of the national three-child policy, it is believed that SUVs of the size like Lanjing will gradually attract attention, and the corresponding people will hope that a car can meet all their needs as much as possible, and Lanjing as FAW-Volkswagen The flagship new work for the 30th anniversary of its establishment is definitely a powerful presence. 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