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Tet Doan Ngo offerings of Vietnamese netizens


The Lunar New Year is an occasion for families to prepare an offering tray with many dishes to ‘kill insects’. The house is simple, sophisticated but still full of meaning and boldly traditional.

Walking around social networks for a few hours, you can come across a series of photos showing off the Doan Ngo Tet offerings posted by many members on food forums. Vu Thanh Hoan’s account shared an offering tray with all the traditional dishes such as gio honey cake, sticky rice wine, summer fruit… “Because the house has utensils for display, the arrangement of the offering tray is for me. it doesn’t take long,” the account owner shared. Photo: Vu Thanh Hoan. The arrangement of food in beautiful, synchronized dishes is how Nha Trang Nguyen’s account makes the offering ceremony on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month more attractive. According to the tradition of each region, the tray of offerings on the occasion of the Lunar New Year is different. In Hanoi and some northern provinces, sticky rice wine, especially Cam sticky rice wine, is an indispensable dish. Photo: Nha Trang Nguyen. Despite their busy lives, many young families still keep their customs during traditional holidays and Tet. Nguyen Minh Trang shared: “Due to a short time, I ordered sticky rice wine, banh gio, banh chung and lotus flowers. The fruits I bought were available from the previous afternoon.” Photo: Nguyen Minh Trang. The offering tray is simple but has all the basic dishes of the Thanh Tra account neatly displayed in a bamboo tray. Lotus tea is a dish that this reader added to the offering tray. This tea has a cooling effect, cooling in hot days. Photo: Thanh Tra. Reader Le Hong shared a photo of all traditional dishes with a beautiful layout. Most families often choose lotus flowers to display on the altar on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. The skillfully arranged lotus flowers and dishes show the meticulousness and meticulousness of the housewife. Photo: Le Hong. The decent offerings of readers Thu Hien shared on her personal page received many compliments. Housewives do a great job and spend a lot of time preparing and arranging balance, harmony in color and layout, making the tray more attractive. Photo: Thu Hien Thba. Fruits, sticky rice wine, and banh gio are familiar dishes chosen by families to offer to ancestors on the Day of the Dragon. Not too fussy, the offerings of Hoabachhop account are chosen by many social network users to follow. Photo: Hoabachhop.