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All new Highlander hybrid models will be sold starting from 268,800, and the old fuel version will be sold in the same house


On the evening of June 25, 2021, GAC Toyota’s all-new Highlander was officially launched. The new car has launched a total of 6 models with a guide price of 268,800-348,800. As a benchmark product in the joint venture medium-sized SUV market, Highlander has been highly sought after since its entry into China, so what changes have been made to the brand-new Highlander? Let’s take a look at it right away. Looks tougher The new Highlander has a towering hood, and at first glance, it feels unreliable. Although the shadow of the old model can be seen in the general outline, the changes in the details are also obvious. For example, the headlights and the China grid adopt new shapes, and the lines of bumpers and other parts are also tougher, and there are more bends. Viewed from the side, the new Highlander is still very large, and the curved waistline extending from the front door to the rear fender is like a muscled arm that hugs the car tightly. The creation of a sense of strength has an immediate effect. The rear light group is also a new design, and its shape echoes the headlights, and the overall visual impression is more trendy and fashionable than the current model. The interior is closer to the family style While retaining practicality, the interior of the new Highlander is more closely aligned with Toyota’s latest family style. Among them, the large floating central control screen is eye-catching, but common functions such as air conditioning are still arranged below in the form of physical buttons and knobs. In addition, the new Highlander has changed from the old snake-shaped gear to a straight gear design, the old suspension throttle has also become an organ throttle, and the old mechanical footbrake has finally been upgraded to an electronic handbrake. It is commendable that the new Highlander retains the storage slot of the old model that extends from the center console to the co-driver, but the new model has changed from the old one-piece to the two-stage, but it is still very practical. The 7-seater layout of 2+3+2 is still adopted Unsurprisingly, the domestic version of the new Highlander still uses a 7-seater layout of 2+3+2, while the 6-seater version with independent seats in the second row of the US version has not yet been introduced. The new generation of Highlander still has the proud third-row space among the mid-sized 7-seater SUVs in the same class, especially the horizontal space is very spacious. This is because the domestic version of the new Highlander has 8 seats in the US version of 2+3+3 layout. The version was built on the basis of the model, but for domestic policy reasons, the seat belt and headrest were removed from the middle seat of the third row, so the third row that could sit 3 people, now only sits for 2 people, can it not be spacious? 2.5L hybrid system blessing In terms of power, the new Highlander is equipped with a 2.5L hybrid system with a maximum comprehensive power of 192 horsepower. The transmission system matches the E-CVT gearbox. Just look at the horsepower numbers, the new model is not as good as the old 2.0T, but based on past experience, Toyota hybrid models are not bad in power, and the mid-to-low-speed push-back feel is even stronger than that of fuel vehicles of the same power level. The new Highlander still offers two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions, and because of the use of a hybrid system, the four-wheel drive version will be an electric four-wheel drive with a motor on the rear axle. Write at the end It is reported that after the launch of the new Highlander, the old 2.0T fuel version of the Highlander will not be delisted, but will continue to be produced and sold together with the new model for a period of time. If you look at the price of 26.88-348,800, I think the new Highlander itself is not expensive, and the addition of the hybrid system will improve its power, economy, smoothness, and quietness. So I think spending tens of thousands of dollars to buy a new Highlander will be more worthwhile than buying an old 2.0T model. But the question is, since the new Highlander is so good, do you think you can get a car if you don’t increase the fare and don’t line up? Hahaha