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Le Quyen after more than 20 years: Plastic surgery and weight loss change the whole person


Before and after rhinoplasty are two significantly different looks of Le Quyen.
Having been active in the arts for more than 20 years, Le Quyen is not only a female singer who is recognized by the public for her strength and position in music, but also one of the beauties with the most praised beauty and body. .

When she first entered the profession in the years 1999 – 2000, Le Quyen had a rather rustic appearance, a round, plump face, dark skin and rather faint lines. However, now she is one of the beauties representing sharpness, elegance and charm. Le Quyen’s spectacular makeover: from a country girl to the most luxurious beauty in Vbiz. (Photo: Internet) To get that spectacular change, it must be mentioned the first “cutlery” announced by Le Quyen herself, that was when the singer lifted her nose in 2006. Le Quyen’s natural nose is quite big and rough. , is not tall, slim, so the overall face is not harmonious. Therefore, Le Quyen decided to have plastic surgery so that when she goes on stage, she can record and take pictures more beautiful. The nose was high, slimmer and more elegant than before. (Photo: Internet) Thanks to the intervention of the cutlery, she became more and more beautiful. (Photo: Internet) However, by October 2018, Le Quyen’s old nasal cartilage was at risk of infection leading to necrosis, so the lyricist was forced to have cartilage removal surgery. However, Le Quyen’s beauty when removing cartilage is not affected much, even looks more natural and youthful. Because the nose was necrotic, Le Quyen was forced to have surgery to remove cartilage. (Photo: Internet) Having improved her beauty a lot, Le Quyen often posts pictures without makeup on social networks. She is praised at the age of 40, but her bare face is still quite young, especially her clear, bright and smooth skin. It is known that Le Quyen pays great attention to skin care. No matter how busy she is, she still takes time to go to the spa to beautify, use natural cosmetics, do not abuse technology and chemicals. Le Quyen’s smooth, flawless skin. (Photo: Internet) In addition, Le Quyen also lost weight to have a slim and toned body. (Photo: Internet) The admirable 58 waist of female singer U40. (Photo: Internet) Le Quyen loves tight-fitting outfits to show off her body beauty. (Photo: Internet) The singer said that she took great care of her body and appearance by eating according to a scientific regimen and exercising extremely strictly. The female singer, who has a waistline of 58, said that when singing, the singer has to breathe with her belly, so she has a rather slim second round. At the same time, Le Quyen also exercises as a passion, taking advantage of every day to practice, so it is not surprising to have a sexy body like now.