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Natural long eyelashes with the secret that anyone can do


Natural methods can help you own long eyelashes very quickly.
Owning such eyelashes, you will not need to worry much about how to make up so that your face is not blurred and less beautiful. That is also the reason why so many girls today look for quick methods of “stimulating” eyelashes such as eyelash extensions, false eyelashes or the most familiar mascara. However, these are only temporary measures if not to mention the harmful effects they can cause to your real eyelashes. Have you ever thought that you will have equally thick and long natural lashes when using false eyelashes? Let’s refer to some very healthy and effective “stimulating” tips below!

Long eyelashes with vitamin E You can help your eyelashes grow longer with vitamin E and coconut oil. Prepare 3 vitamin E capsules 2 tablespoons coconut oil dầu 1 bottle of mascara is empty, wash it off Bowls and spoons Extract the inner solution of vitamin E and mix with coconut oil, stirring until dissolved, obtain a homogeneous mixture. Take clean paper, wrap it in a funnel shape and pour the solution into the empty mascara bottle and snap the cap back on. Store the vial of the solution in the refrigerator. Using Wash your face, so that the dust on the eyelashes is washed away. Use the mascara wand to apply on the eyelashes 3-5 times to absorb the mixture evenly. Leave the mixture until morning and rinse with cold water. Note: Use the solution in the evening before going to bed and use it daily. After 1 week you will be surprised at the length and curl of your lashes.