Home Architecture Rose garden in the beautiful fence of a Vietnamese couple in Japan

Rose garden in the beautiful fence of a Vietnamese couple in Japan


In a residential area with houses built close together, Ms. Thuy takes advantage of the fence to grow all kinds of roses. A year later, every tree gives flowers laden branches.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Thuy (born 1982, hometown of Thai Nguyen), came to Japan to live and work more than 10 years ago. Currently, she and her husband and two children are living and doing freelance business in Nagoya-shi (Aichi Prefecture, Japan).

Her and her husband’s house is located in a densely populated area, the houses are built close together, so the land area is not much. After the second child was strong, taking advantage of her free time, she improved the soil around the fence to plant trees. Initially, Ms. Thuy planted succulents in porcelain pots placed in the house, in the yard and in the aisle. More than a year ago, she started designing fences, improving the land to see roses. Up to now, her rose garden has been more than a year, every tree is green and full of flowers. “The feeling of hand-cutting flowers planted by myself and putting them in a lovely glass is very pleasant. Every day, there is a vase of roses in the house to put in the living room or somewhere I want. sweet”, Ms. Thuy wrote on her personal page. According to Ms. Thuy, the success of growing roses is due to the right climate. Next, growing roses needs good soil and growing medium, ensuring nutrients and good drainage. Next, growers need to use fertilizers and drugs for flowers in the right way, at the right time, at the right time. Thuy’s experience is to choose fertilizers that specialize in roses, then, at the right time to fertilize. In addition, in order to prevent the plant from being attacked by pests, aphids, and red spider mites, growers must know how to take care and understand the ‘requirements’ of the plant. According to Ms. Thuy, this rose tree has many flowers and few leaves in every season. Thuy in her rose garden. Thuy said that it is hot and sunny in Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Japan these days. From 6:30 am, it was sunny and lasted until 4:30 pm to turn off. However, the roses in her garden are still green, not wilted or attacked by pests. Yellow roses have a pleasant scent, beautiful canopy. Thuy shared that since having a rose garden, she wants to go home quickly to take care of the plants, watch the flowers bloom, and take pictures as a souvenir. “The corner of the small garden in the house with all kinds of roses is my passion so I always love it. Since having this flower garden, I find life happy and joyful”, Ms. Thuy wrote on her personal page. . Thuy’s daughter goes to the garden with her mother to take care of the flower garden. Tu Anh Photo: Character provided