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Wowy shows off new photos with cool grandma


On stage, Wowy captivated thousands of audiences with each emotional rap sentence. However, when standing next to his grandmother, he was inferior.
Wowy has a unique fashion style and always makes the audience remember her. However, few people know that his playfulness and youthful spirit are inherited from his family’s seniors.

Hit owner heaven made netizens really admire when sharing the coolest grandmother in Vietnam. Not only has a cold, luxurious demeanor, surely many Vietnamese stars must also respect their foreign countries because of their more temperament than people at the age of 80. New set of photos of Wowy and Grandma. Photo: FBNV Below the post, Wowy also showed off to fans other cool images of his grandmother. Sometimes she wears a black vest, when she changes to a yellow vest, wears glasses, wears earrings, mixes sneakers… Mrs. Wowy makes people overwhelmed because the quality is not inferior to her grandson. New avatar of the character. Fans left many comments under Wowy’s new status, praising the lovely moment of the two male rapper’s grandchildren. Some viewers even jokingly joked, his super cool demeanor must be inherited from his mother. Besides, everyone also sent many wishes for health, hoping that she will always keep such a youthful spirit. Some other pictures: