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Why is there a large number of Japanese immigrants living in India?The explanation given is empathetic


When it comes to India, everyone is naturally familiar with it. This country with a population similar to ours is a world-famous messy country. I believe everyone knows about their “mother river” Ganges. In addition, Their toilet culture is also unacceptable to all countries in the world. However, this country still has a lot of foreign tourists come to travel every year.

Among them, many Japanese will come to India to travel, huh? Japan? Did you say it wrong? Yes, it is Japan. As we all know, Japan is a very clean country and they attach great importance to the protection of the environment. India is really full of cattle and sheep on the streets, and even the dung of cattle and sheep. The whole city looks dirty, but the difference between the two countries is so big, there are still Japanese people who come to travel, besides that, there are still many Japanese people who come to settle here.

Some people wondered: Why do a large number of Japanese people move to live in India? In fact, most Japanese settle here, they will choose to settle in Varanasi, India, and in this city, compared to other cities, it will be cleaner here, here you can see a lot of Japan everywhere Most of the hotels and restaurants run by people have Japanese signs, and the Japanese and Indians who settled here intermarried.

Why do you intermarry with an Indian girl? Probably because the Indian girl has exquisite features, big eyes, high nose, and plump body, she exudes the sexy charm of women, and the girls here are more honest, hardworking, and treat the family. Will be more attentive, this may also be a reason for Japanese and local intermarriage. Secondly, Japan is also a country that likes to eat curry. In Japan, many restaurants basically have curry. This is very similar to India. Curry fried chicken, curry rice, curry noodles, curry…so food Cultural similarity may be one of the reasons why Japanese people live in India. The explanations given are profound. After all, who would not like beauty and food? What do you think about this? You can share and communicate with you by leaving a message in the comment area below