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Hungary 0-3 Portugal: Ronaldo sets an ‘unprecedented’ record


Ronaldo scored twice, Portugal won 3-0 against Hungary in the opening match of the EURO 2021 final.

Portugal faced many difficulties against Hungary in the opening match of the EURO 2021 final round. Despite superior ball control, the defending champion played a deadlock against the home team. Ronaldo goes down in EURO history (Image: Reuters). It was not until the 85th minute that Portugal had a lucky goal from Raphael Guerreiro. After releasing the pressure, Portugal had 2 more goals in the 87th and 90+2 minutes thanks to Ronaldo’s effort to win with a score of 3-0. CR7 set a record when becoming the greatest goalscorer in EURO history (final round) with 11 goals, 2 more than Michel Platini. 15:44 15:46 Tonight (June 15), the Euro defending champion – Portugal will enter the journey to defend the championship title with a match against Hungary. This match will take place at Puskas Stadium in Budapest (Hungary). The good news for fans who want to come to the stadium to watch this match is BTC EURO 2021 and the Hungarian Government has decided not to limit the number of spectators present on the field to witness the match. Ronaldo will be able to play in the first match to welcome the full audience at EURO 2021. (Photo: Reuters). Thus, in a favorable case, more than 60,000 fans will be present at Puskas Stadium to witness Ronaldo and his teammates in Portugal compete in the opening match at EURO 2021. Puskas Stadium is also the only stadium to host EURO 2021 group stage matches that allows fans to enter the field with a sufficient number of seats designed for the field. Stadiums that have held previous matches usually only allow the number of spectators to enter the field at about 20-25% of capacity. The match between Hungary and Portugal will be the first match of an unlimited number of spectators at EURO 2021. 15:59 FORCE INFORMATION – HUNGARY: Roland Sallai’s ability to play is open – PORTUGAL: João Cancelo withdrew from the tournament because of Covid-19 infection PERFORMANCE AND COMPETITIVE – Hungary won 7, drew 4 in the last 11 matches – Portugal won 4, drew 2 in the last 6 matches – Portugal are unbeaten (won 9, drawn 4) in 13 past encounters with Hungary 16:01 The match between Hungary and Portugal takes place at 23:00. 18:52 19:18 Photos of the last training session of the two teams before the match (Photo: Reuters). 19:21 21:59 Line-ups of the two teams. 22:26 Festive atmosphere at the Puskás Arena courtyard (Image: Reuters) 22:28 22:29 Portuguese players warm up before the match (Image: Reuters). 23:00 THE GAME BEGINS !!! Hungary serves first. 23:02 2′: Squeeze the Yard!!! Immediately after the opening whistle, Portugal raised the squad to press Hungary. However, the home team is playing quite well defensively. 23:04 3′: NO!!! Diogo Jota dribbled the ball quickly on the left, but the Hungarian defender guessed the intention and made a very good cut. 23:05 The match took place at a very high speed (Image: Reuters). 23:06 5′: DO NOT ENTER!!! Diogo Jota ran smartly to catch his teammates’ slot, the Liverpool striker hit a shot with his left foot very tight, but goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi made an excellent save. 23:08 8′: RONALDO GOES IN HISTORY!!! Playing in the match against Hungary, Ronaldo went down in history, becoming the first player to play in five consecutive EUROs. The first EURO that CR7 competed in was in 2004. Photo: Reuters. 23:10 9′: DO NOT ENTER!!! Bernardo Silva dribbled the ball well into the box for Diogo Jota, but the Liverpool striker kicked the ball into the stands. Diogo Jota had 2 chances, but he was still unable to capitalize on the success to score. 23:13 13′: NO!!! Diogo Jota poked a slot for Raphael Guerreiro to penetrate the penalty area, but the defender did not control the ball well, missed the opportunity to score. 23:16 15′: EXCEPTION!!! Portugal controlled the ball up to 75%, but coach Santos’s team was struggling when Hungary played double-decker buses. 23:18 17′: NO!!! Ronaldo made a dribble into the Hungarian box, but the Portuguese striker was intercepted by two home defenders and lost the ball. 23:19 Diogo Jota had 2 scoring opportunities, but failed to capitalize on them (Image: Reuters). 23:20 19′: VIETNAMESE!!! Ronaldo ran to receive a pass from his teammate and then fired a shot, but the referee immediately cut the whistle because the Portuguese striker was in an offside position. 23:24 23′: Corner kick!!! Portugal enjoyed a corner on the right wing in the direction of attack, Bruno Fernandes hung the ball into the penalty area of ​​Hungary, but the home team defender easily solved it. 23:25 Ronaldo is being taken care of by the defender of your team (Photo: Reuters). 23:27 26′: NO PENALTY!!! Ronaldo poked a very good slot for Bernardo Silva in the penalty area, but the Man City midfielder could not overcome the Hungarian defender’s block and fell to the field, missing the opportunity to score. 23:30 Portugal pressed the pitch violently (Photo: Reuters). 23:31 30′: HEADING!!! Bernardo Silva crosses the ball for Ronaldo to head high in the Hungarian penalty area, but the ball goes higher than the home team’s goal. CR7 is very active, but is closely followed by the opponent’s defender, so there is no real clear opportunity to eat. 23:36 35′: GOOD DEFENSE!!! Hungary organizes defense and covers each other very well, the home team makes Portugal deadlocked in approaching Peter Gulacsi’s goal. Not only that, Hungary also had quite dangerous counter-attacks, making the visitors’ defenders struggle to block. 23:37 36′: FREE kick!!! Hungary concedes a free kick, Roland Sallai hangs the ball for Adam Szalai to head it, but the ball goes right into Rui Patricio’s position. 23:38 38′: GOLDEN CARD!!! Ruben Dias is shown the yellow card for a tall error on Laszlo Kleinheisler. This is the first yellow card of this match. Photo: Reuters. 23:41 40′: SAVE!!! The opportunity came to Diogo Jota in the Hungarian penalty area, the striker’s hidden shot sent the ball wide, but goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi had great reflexes to save the home team. 23:43 43′: INCREDIBLE!!! Ronaldo had a very good opportunity to score from a distance of 5m50, but the Portuguese striker cushioned the ball to the stands. Photo: Getty 23:47 45+1′: END OF TIME 1!!! Hungary and Portugal temporarily drew with the score 0-0. 00:02 TIME 2 STARTS!!! Portugal serves the ball. 00:05 47′: SAVE!!! Portugal enjoyed a corner on the right, Bruno Fernandes hung the ball for Pepe to head, but once again the Hungarian goalkeeper made a brilliant save. Peter Gulacsi continuously saves for Hungary (Image: Getty). 00:12 53′: LOCKED!!! Portugal is at an impasse before the double-decker “bus” that Hungary erected in front of goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi’s goal. The defending champion is having to use a lot of high ball strokes, but it has not been effective. 00:14 Hungary plays very well defensively (Photo: Reuters). 00:17 60′: NO!!! Semedo made a cross into the box towards Ronaldo’s position, but the ball was too light so goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi hugged it. 00:20 62′: NO!!! Bruno Fernandes headed in from a teammate’s pass, but the ball went lightly and did not pass the hands of goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi. 00:24 66′: corner!!! Portugal enjoyed 2 consecutive corners, but the away team did not cause too many difficulties for Hungary’s defense. 00:25 68′: SAVE!!! Bruno Fernandes shot the ball away very hard, but goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi poured an excellent save. The home team’s keeper is playing brilliantly. 00:28 Hungary brings Portugal to a standstill (Image: Reuters). 00:31 00:34 76′: NO PENALTY!!! Ronaldo controlled the ball and bounced into the hand of player number 5 on the Hungarian side, but the referee did not give Portugal a penalty. Photo: Reuters 00:38 80′: WINNING DEPENDED!!! Roland Sallai managed to put the ball into the net of Portugal, but the goal was disallowed because the striker had previously been offside. 00:43 85′: ENTER ENTER!!! Bruno Fernandes crossed the ball to hit the Hungarian defender, the ball found Raphael Guerreiro’s feet, the defender shot the ball dangerously to open the scoring for Portugal. The Portuguese players celebrate the opening goal (Image: Reuters). 00:45 87′: ENTER ENTER!!! Ronaldo scored on the 11m spot to make it 2-0 for Portugal. Ronaldo recorded his name in EURO history when he scored 10 goals in the finals, surpassing the legendary Platini. 00:48 00:50 90+2′: ENTER ENTER!!! Ronaldo received a favorable pass from Bruno Fernandes, he dribbled past goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi to make it 3-0. Photo: Reuters. 00:53 90+5′: TIME OUT!!! Portugal won 3-0 against Hungary to have a dream start at EURO 2021.