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Apple iPhone12 mini may have been discontinued due to low sales


Although the overall sales of Apple’s iPhone12 series are pretty good, the iPhone12 mini is not included here.

According to foreign media sources, the iPhone 12 mini may be discontinued early in the second quarter of 2021, which indicates that Apple will clear its existing inventory and will no longer produce new phones afterwards.

Some insiders speculate that the reason why the iPhone 12 mini is unpopular is mainly due to the sluggish sales of the phone in Europe and the United States. Its compact body size is not liked by the locals.

When this small-screen flagship mobile phone was first released, the word-of-mouth on the Internet was actually very good, but most of them were not popular.

One is because its battery capacity is too small. If you use it a bit harder, you need three charging a day, the other is a single card, and the other is that the current small screen mobile phone screen is really not too small if the screen is less than 5 inches Easy to use.

Although production has stopped, the iPhone 12 mini is still on sale on Apple’s website, and there is currently no significant delay in shipment. The device is available in six colors, including the purple option that will be available in late April.

Another part of the reason is that Apple will launch a new generation of iPhone SE in 2022, which will conflict with mini models.

To a certain extent, the iPhone 12 mini is successful, and small screen users still have certain fans, which can solve some users’ pain points; but it also fails. For most users, Apple has made too many compromises on small screen products. , It is destined to be unable to be called the main model. According to this situation, the future “mini” iPhone is likely to be completely abandoned by Apple. According to past practice, the digital series of Apple iPhone is generally released around September in the second half of each year, and now it is getting closer and closer to its release date. It is reported that the mold opening data of the new iPhone (iPhone13) has been released. The size of the rear camera module of the iPhone13 Pro Max may increase significantly, and its width may reach half of the body width, and the image experience will also be better than the previous one A certain degree of improvement. I wonder if you are looking forward to it?