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Recommended as a summer resort in July! Still sweating like rain in midsummer? These 12 destinations are as comfortable as spring…


Although the concept of “July Flowing Fire” as the ancients called is completely different from today’s concept, literally speaking, it is not yet July, and this summer is indeed horribly hot!

The owner thinks about it, and found that there are actually many destinations that can not only meet the summer needs, but also let you play cool. The best places to travel in July this year, these places are worthy of your attention~

Guizhou| Libo

Where is the best place to escape the heat in summer? Guizhou is always worthy of attention!

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Libo, where the average temperature in July is below 27 degrees, is far more than just being cool.The unique karst forest on the same latitude of the earth is called “the emerald on the belt of the earth”.

From Mafengwo user @口一foryou Walking in the mountains and rivers of Libo, in addition to the beautiful scenery of “Looking up in Zhangjiajie and bowing down to Jiuzhaigou”, there are also rich ethnic customs, the quaint cottages of the Buyi people, the peculiar ethnic culture of the Shui people, the peculiar customs of the Yao people, and the exquisite ethnic costumes of the Miao people. It’s all fascinating. From Mafengwo user @饭团子 Summer is a good season to travel to Libo.The large and small seven-hole water is adjusted to be blue, the Maolan water forest is green and the mountains are green, the vanilla garden valley is full of lavender purple romance, and orchids and sage are competing for beauty… From Mafengwo user @夏至 Hubei| Enshi Enshi, as the name suggests, nature has bestowed her a peerless face. Notes from Mafengwo user @YIYI Hidden in the lofty mountains, there are beautiful and picturesque scenery, bizarre caves and caves, unique Tujia stilts, and the lost Tusi civilization, which will make people yearn for this land. From Mafengwo user @凯叔JK Unlike Yunnan, Suzhou and Hangzhou, although the mountains and rivers are beautiful here, there are not so many tourists, so there are many undeveloped natural scenery waiting for you to explore. It’s like a paradise, unknown to outsiders. From Mafengwo user @JiaJia张小佳 It is suitable to come here from April to August. When the summer is the hottest, it is cool like spring. If you want to go to a place surrounded by mountains and rivers, you can come to Enshi! From Mafengwo user @yi2yi Beijing In Beijing in July, the temperature may not be considered gentle, but there are many reasons why you are worth your special trip. From Mafengwo user @小乔帮主Michelle The Forbidden City itself is a huge cultural relic, and there are shocking new exhibitions. In the two halls of Wenhua Wuying, the ceramic exhibition and the painting and calligraphy exhibition are staged a hard-to-find repertoire. From the Palace Museum Moreover, not only the long-lost Baita Temple reopened to welcome guests, but also the Xitian Fanjing in Beihai Park, Cheng’en Temple transformed into the Yanjing Baju Museum, and Laijin Yuxuan Tea House frequented by Mr. Lu Xun, and many others in the past. The famous places of interest have opened their doors this summer. From Mafengwo user @feir What’s more, there is also a Universal Studios that is about to officially open in the legend of the rivers and lakes! From Mafengwo user @NeonMoon Shanxi | Datong The history of Pingcheng and Clouds, where the sound of golden horses and iron horses blended with civilization has long since become the past, but today’s Datong still has a vigorous momentum and a strong cultural heritage. From Mafengwo user@全胜 Datong, which served as the capital of the Northern Wei Dynasty, the companion capital of the Liao and Jin dynasties, and the military center of the nine borders of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, has now left the most spectacular grotto art in China, as well as the wooden architecture that spanned thousands of years from the Liao Dynasty. From Mafengwo user @Rachel Yu If you continue to explore in depth, you will find that there are many ancient military towns around Datong, which still stand tenaciously after the weather. From Mafengwo user @唯刑之静 Of course, located at the turn of the three places of Shanxi, Mongolia, and Hebei, Datong is also worthy of your stomach to savor when it comes to eating. From hornet’s honeycomb user @ Mushrooms Liaoning | Dalian At the southern tip of the Liaodong Peninsula, where the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea meet, the summer in Dalian, the “Romantic City,” is still sea breeze and exotic. From Mafengwo user@Shi Dayi Dalian may be the most atypical Northeast city. The narrow and long coastline of more than a hundred miles has created many natural beauty, and countless sea-viewing and sea-playing spots are the best business cards of this city. From Mafengwo user@Shi DaPerseverance The countless centuries-old European-style buildings in Zhongshan Square make this city quite exotic. From Mafengwo user@Shi DaPerseverance The old-fashioned trams that are still running on the street slowly traverse the city, connecting countless landmark squares in series, and at the same time, it also symbolizes the imprint of an era. From Mafengwo user@Shi DaPerseverance Sichuan| Guangyuan Surrounding the Chengdu Plain, the terrain suddenly rises, the mountains are continuous, and Jianmenguan bears the brunt, which is the main road out of Sichuan. From Mafengwo user @一醉一陶然 During the Three Kingdoms period, general Jiang Wei won more with less here, making Jianmenguan famous. Li Bai, a great poet of the Tang Dynasty, even described the danger of Jianmen Pass in his “The Road to Shu is Difficult.” From Mafengwo user @叶小梦 is a big food Today, the Jianmen Ancient Road is no longer dangerous, but you can still experience the “difficulties of the Shu Road” in the lofty mountains. From Mafengwo user @一醉一陶然 Yunnan | Dali Dali is located at the junction of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and the Hengduan Mountains. The ridges of the Cangshan Mountains and the vast and clear Erhai Lake form a magnificent picture of the lake and the mountains, the snow lining the moon. From Mafengwo user @天唱 Putting aside those internet celebrity check-in places, I suggest you to savor the city from the perspective of history and culture. From Mafengwo user @婷仔_dinhoidinh 25 ethnic minorities, including Bai, Yi, Hui, Tibetan, Lisu, and Naxi, live scattered in the ancient towns of Dali, Xizhou, Nuodeng, and Shaxi. Folk techniques such as tie-dyeing and traditional snacks such as bait show the national charm… From Mafengwo user @弋yi汐 You can go boating on the Erhai Lake and feel the boundlessness of the world; visit the holy land of Jizu Mountain, listen to the murmur of Sanskrit sounds, and watch the light of Buddha; under the three towers of Chongsheng Temple, look for the solidified history… From Mafengwo user @鹿妹儿喵喵喵 Melt into the romance of the ancient city with a soft heart, feel the elegance of Dali in the sunset, and pursue the modern glitz in the beautiful night. From Mafengwo user @dinhoidinh Hunan| Xiangxi As a border town of “three provinces with one foot” described by Shen Congwen, Xiangxi is a place where the Tujia and Miao nationalities live together, and it has already become the most familiar ancient town gathering place. Even if you don’t go to the already popular Phoenix Ancient Town and Furong Town , Xiangxi is still considerable. From Mafengwo user@super “From Sichuan to Hunan, there is an official road to the east. When this official road is close to the western border of Hunan, when you reach a small mountain town called Chadong, there is a small stream with a small white tower by the stream. This family has only an old man, a girl, and a yellow dog.” The beginning of “Border Town” clearly introduces the ancient town of Chadong. From Mafengwo user@Leisurely travel At the same time, there are hidden places worth visiting in western Hunan, such as the ancient city of Qianzhou and Wengcao Village. Of course, since you have arrived in western Hunan, you can also visit the nearby Zhangjiajie. From Mafengwo user@Iron Luohan Gansu| Gannan While the people in the east are enduring the baptism of the scorching sun or the rainy season, the grasslands in Gannan just “yellow carpets for green flats”, rarely with high temperatures exceeding 30 degrees. From Mafengwo user @LLWJ On the Sangke grassland and the Zoige grassland, sheep and yaks are pacing leisurely under the blue sky and white clouds. The mountains are gently undulating here, but this is still only a warm-up before entering the “Xanadu”. From Mafengwo user@LLWJ After finally stepping into the stone city of Zhaga, the mountain suddenly changed its shape like a knife and axe, but there was no surly posture, so it was tough and warm to protect the people who have lived here for generations. From the Mafengwo user @摄影伊蓝 Self-driving is the best way to unlock Gannan. With the rise of more new gameplays, maybe you can also unlock various gameplays such as camping and stargazing during this journey~ From Mafengwo user @燕燕 to go out to play Tibet | Shannan To avoid the heat in summer, of course, the higher the altitude, the more significant the effect. From Mafengwo user@iceback Yanghu Lake, Mopuyongcuo, and Glacier No. 40, these familiar names are actually located in Shannan City, Lhasa must go, but Shannan is not to be missed. From Mafengwo user@Photographer Pinky Here is the birthplace of the Tibetan nation and Tibetan culture. There is the first palace in Tibet’s history, the first Zanpu, and the first temple with all three treasures. From Mafengwo user@Walk with Igo In the southern part of the mountain, protected by the Himalayas, there are snow-capped mountains, lakes, glaciers, grasslands, alpine valleys, virgin forests, temples and monuments, and all the plateau features you can think of. From Mafengwo user@Fish swing This is not only a secret place, but also a good place to catch the representative scenery of the plateau. From Mafengwo user@Li Heng Xinjiang | Bayinbulak Many people know that Bayinbrook may be because of the movie “Flying Life”. From Mafengwo user@右右 The Bayinbulak Grassland is located in the intermountain basin in the middle of the Tianshan Mountains, surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The Mongolian language means “the inexhaustible sweet spring”. From Mafengwo user @东方 Spider The grassland here is flat and abundant in water and grass. It is a typical grass meadow grassland and one of the most important animal husbandry bases in Xinjiang. From Mafengwo user@右右 Not only is the Kaidu River with “nine bends and eighteen bends”, but also the elegant and charming Swan Lake. From Mafengwo user@右右 The best time to visit the Bayinbulak grassland is from June to September each year, when the grass is abundant and the water is beautiful, and other times are relatively cold. From Mafengwo user@Allen in the distance Inner Mongolia| Hulunbuir From Mafengwo user@微冠年华 Of course, I’m going to the prairie in the summer. Speaking of the prairie, how can you not mention Hulunbuir? To a certain extent, Hulunbuir is simply synonymous with “prairie”. From Mafengwo user @LLWJ Most of the natural ecological environment such as forests, grasslands, lakes and so on has not been baptized by human industrial civilization, and has primitive and ancient natural features, as well as exotic customs on the Sino-Russian and Sino-Mongolian borders. From Mafengwo user @董舒子 In fact, there are not only grasslands here, but also the vast Xing’an Mountains forest area. The grassland is suitable for visiting in summer, while the Ergun and Mordaoga forest areas are worth visiting in autumn. There is also the only Aoluguya reindeer park in China where reindeer grazes. From Mafengwo user @饭人小宫 Where is your destination this July? What other good places to recommend? -end- Have a cool and fun summer together! Order look in , Share summer travel tips~