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Dookki is the first and number 1 buffet brand of topokki in Vietnam


After more than two years of official operation, Dookki Vietnam has been affirming the champion position in the hearts of topokki fans with an attractive menu and a rich buffet package for only VND 139,000.
It can be said that Dookki has kicked off the “Buffet Topokki” trend in Vietnam from the very first days of its debut. Similar stores began to appear, suddenly come and then went. However, Dookki is still steadily growing, maintaining its position as “The only Korean standard Buffet Topokki restaurant in Vietnam”.

Only 01 Dookki: Topokki kingdom Since the 2000s, while the concept of “Topokki” only appeared in restaurants specializing in Korean cuisine or on mobile food vans, Dookki suddenly opened the first store on the second floor, LOTTE Mart. Tan Binh, 20 Cong Hoa, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, City. Ho Chi Minh. Dookki store – Lotte Mart Tan Binh – first in Vietnam The appearance of a restaurant that does not serve Topokki on small plates, not having enough money but a large hot pot, has attracted the curiosity and excitement of the community of rice cake enthusiasts on the small screen. . Immediately, Dookki received a strong response from young people, even the most demanding diners. You want to go to a restaurant that specializes in topokki, must taste Korean standards in Vietnam? You can only go to Dookki. 07 kinds of divine sauces with lots of quality toppings. Dookki challenges even math students to work out a combination of delicious topokki hot pot combos made from 07 kinds of delicious, tasty sauce: black soy sauce, curry sauce, Ddukmo sauce, Daegu sauce, sauce Gungjung cream sauce and Dookki sauce “unique”. Each type is one type, ten and ten. But do not worry about mixing the sauce to make hot pot sauce, Dookki has prepared suggestions for the favorite hot pot for you to easily taste, typically: hot cream topokki, jjajang topokki, soup topokki, bomb topokki or mixed topokki. 7 types of fever caused a stir in the online community with artist Tran Thanh Don’t forget we have a journey to choose our topokki hot pot at Dookki. The first is topokki with varieties such as cheese, corn, purple potatoes … etc … followed by Korean fish cake, beef ball, sausage, shrimp, pork. Do not forget to get more vegetables to add fiber to your pink, healthy body. Perfect every day to better serve At any store in Vietnam, Dookki offers diners a Korean culinary space with full food stalls located in the center. Especially the counter of processed food such as rice ball, fried rice, fried chicken with Korean sauce, sweet sweet potato, etc … is always hot, often “refill”. All are arranged scientifically and methodically. Can not help but “Say wow” when coming to the culinary paradise of Dookki Recently, to add nutrition to the topokki hot pot, Dookki introduced a new type of topping: Three premium American beef steaks, priced at only 49,000 VND / 200gr. The constantly updating menu shows that Dookki always listens to customers’ suggestions to give #teamdookki a great topokki party. This is the spirit of Dookki – The double joy of eating and drinking. The fever “Three only American cows” is storming in Dookki Reach 70 stores in 2021 In response to the love of customers across the country, Dookki team worked at full capacity in early 2021 to cover buffet topokki all the way Vietnam. With an effective business and marketing strategy, Dookki has officially reached the milestone of 70 stores up to now in 2021. This proves that over the past two years, there has not been a time when Dookki made ” Hungry belly ”craved for topokki disappointed. Dookki promises to bring many surprises to its customers in the near future. The scene is crowded with diners at the opening day of Dookki Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh