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Celebrities bring goods “turnover”, bankruptcy “turnover”, live broadcast is a double-edged sword?


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Recently, the old drama bone Zhang Chenguang has been on the hot search. This conscientious actor who has been in the industry for more than 30 years has encountered ridicule and abuse from some people in the live broadcast room because of the live broadcast. , And also spread rumors that he “sells fakes.” Zhang Chenguang was emotional after seeing the barrage and apologized to the audience in tears.

In fact, Zhang Chenguang is a very dedicated actor. He has superb acting skills and has created many classic images. His life is simple and low-key. When the epidemic broke out, he also donated 16 million to Wuhan. But this is such an actor with strong business ability and good character, because he was maliciously attacked for no reason when he brought the goods on a live broadcast, and people felt unfair for him and couldn’t help but reflect on why everyone now has such big opinions on the celebrity’s goods. ?

As live streaming has become more popular in recent years, many celebrities have stopped, but there are not a few cases of “car overturning”.

Pan Changjiang once persuaded Xie Mengwei, the actor of “Gazi”, not to take the goods live, saying that the water was too deep, but within half a year he started selling OEM wine himself, and was ridiculed by netizens as “Panga’s friend”;

Singer Yang Kun received 100,000 yuan of “pit fee” from many merchants on Double Eleven last year. However, the sales volume was only 40,000 yuan and was jointly defended by merchants;

The popular talk show anchor Li Xueqin also came off the double eleven last year to bring the goods. However, of the 3.11 million viewers in the live broadcast room that day, less than 110,000 were real viewers. The rest were spent on sales, and were criticized by the Consumer Association. Data injection.

Li Xiaolu, who started from a very high starting point but turned herself into a bad artist, had a good result of earning 21 million yuan a night, but was vilified by netizens during the live broadcast, and Li Xiaolu herself was quickly “blocked” by the live broadcast industry.

Although celebrities have their own halo, they must be very professional in order to do a good job in live broadcast. Otherwise, problems will easily occur in various links such as product selection, atmosphere adjustment, and after-sales service. The above cases are typical. In fact, not only the celebrities, but also the professional anchors have a hard time. The “Matthew effect” in the live streaming industry is becoming more and more obvious. The small anchors are struggling. Even the head anchors have foreseen some less positive trends. They plan to find another way out: Simba established the “Hangzhou Xincheng” in 2019. “Information Technology Company”, incubating the “Xinxuan” brand; Wei Ya’s team has been involved in the field of private equity investment; Li Jiaqi is also a shareholder of more than ten companies. Obviously, these top anchors are all leaving a way for themselves. Although live streaming is faltering, “live streaming” is still a trend. Recently, many bankrupt entrepreneurs have begun to come back through live streaming. For example, Tan Chang’an, the founder of “Tan Yutou Hot Pot”, which once swept the country, calmly talked about his entrepreneurial experience and failure process in the live broadcast. The first video released on Douyin was uploaded in less than 10 hours. Thousands of likes and thousands of comments. Although Tan Changan said that he did not want to be an online celebrity, everything seems to be developing in the direction of an online celebrity: Recently, a “Tan Ziyu” hot pot restaurant appeared in Chengdu. The store is full of photos of Tan Changan and celebrities, and the entrance is prominent. There are also signs that were picked from the last Tanyutou hot pot chain at the time. The mother-in-law of Big S, Zhang Lan, the founder of “South Beauty”, joined Douyin after bankruptcy in 2019 and opened two accounts, one for sharing ladies’ outfits, the other for gourmet content, and also started offline. The high-end catering brand can be regarded as a successful “turnover”. From this point of view, live broadcast itself has no fixed attributes, it is just a model, it all depends on how people use it or when to use it: it is not used well, fakes are flooded, chaotic, and harmful. However, if the “open” method is correct, the live broadcast will also play the role of “1+1> 2”, which will generate more help