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In Korean dramas, the chaebols seem to live in another world


In the movie ‘Mine’, the Han family, or the Korean chaebol, is described as ‘they live in a different world’ from ordinary people.
“They live in another world. Their air is 15 times more oxygen-saturated than normal air and they drink water from the glaciers of Antarctica” is the leading line of the story, about the wealth of the Han family in episode 2 Mine.

Compared to other movies about Korean tycoons that have aired like Penthouse, Virtuous family nice Heir , Mine pushed the main character’s wealth level to a higher level. They live in another world It can be said how rich the Han family is in the movie Mine is insanely rich. In the movie, the three-generation extended family of the Han family lives in the Hyowon family house – a large park-like area with two separate mansions called the main house and the outbuilding. The house of Hyowon has two large villas and a garden that stretches like a park. Screenshots. Both the main house Cadenza and the annex Rubato were designed by the world’s leading architect. Cadenza has an area many times larger than Rubato, where President Han and his wife, eldest son Han Jin Ho – Jung Seo Hyun and daughter and wife Han Jin Hee live. The couple’s youngest son Han Ji Yong and Seo Hi Soo live in the Rubato outhouse. Between the two villas is a large garden like a park, making employees have to drive electric cars to be able to move in time to serve in both houses. The entrance to the Hyowon family home is also described as the entrance of a large agency with guardrails and roadblocks that prevent cars from entering and leaving on their own. To move from the gate to the main house, the character also has to go by car on a long road with green trees planted along both sides of the road, reminiscent of a high-class resort. In fact, it was not until episode 4 that the film crew brought to the screen the scene of the Cadenza main hall, the communal dining room with a wall of shelves displaying ceramic cups, the bedroom of the couple Han Jin Ho, the room Lady Han’s bedroom, Jung Seo Hyun and Han Ji Yong’s home office. There are not too many contexts, but each setting creates a feeling of luxury and spaciousness. The main hall of Cadenza’s large house is as wide as a hotel lobby, with a long staircase going down to the cellar and stairs leading to the bedrooms. The dining room is decorated with fresh flowers everywhere, the wall in the dining room is a wooden cabinet displaying hundreds of exquisite ceramic cups. The bedroom of the couple Han Ji Yong – Jung Seo Hyun has a huge wardrobe and precious jewelry table, containing dozens of necklaces, gem earrings. In the movie Mine, the maid describes the Han family member as “living in another world”. Screenshots. In the house, Hyowon also has a lot of maids, all of whom stay in the house and have separate bedrooms for each person. Even the housekeeper of the Han family was given a luxury apartment in the center of Seoul for serving in the Hyowon household for 10 years. When the popular girl Kim Yoo Yeon came to work at Cadenza’s main house, the housekeeper reminded her to learn the service etiquette of servants and called the Han family members by titles such as “madam”, “princess”. death” in words for feudal aristocrats or when guests have to bow at a 30-degree angle. The Han family also has its own chef to serve the daily needs of food. During the birthday dinner party for Kim Mi Ja – Han Ji Yong’s deceased biological mother, 3-4 chefs had to be busy preparing food from the afternoon with fresh organic food delivered every day. The daily breakfast of the Han family is also served by the chef upon request. Lady Han likes to eat meat, the eldest daughter-in-law Jung Seo Hyun eats Western food, and the eldest Han Jin Ho drinks hot Korean-style soup. Country… The movie life of the tycoon As in many other Korean tycoon-themed films, the Han brothers are also engaged in a war for inheritance. For economic gain, Han Jin Hee is willing to speak ill of Han Ji Yong’s younger brother, repeatedly saying that he was not born by Lady Han so that she would give up his right to inherit the position of president. Han Jin Hee was given the reins by her father to run the famous confectionery brand of Hyowon Group with more than 3,000 stores nationwide. When angry, she smashes the dishes in the house, these are all porcelain dishes from high-end brands with the price of 1.5 million won/piece ($1,300) or 2.4 million won/piece ($2,100). The eldest son Han Jin Ho is an alcoholic, playful, but he is also allowed to inherit 3 big hotels. The youngest son, Han Ji Yong, is the one who temporarily takes over the management of the group while Chairman Han is hospitalized. The eldest daughter-in-law Jung Seo Hyun was described by the family servant as “rich from the egg” because she was also the daughter of a chaebol family before marrying into the Han family. She was given the right to inherit many major exhibition centers by her biological father, and was also honored in the newspaper as a person with great contributions to the development of the Korean art and culture industry. During the party in episode 1, Han Jin Hee asserted that the Han family “cannot be a normal person”. Photo: tvN. Meanwhile, the wife of the Han family lives a prosperous life, being taken care of and served by dozens of maids every day. Her pet is also like no other, not a dog or a cat, but a peacock named No Deok. Right from episode 1, during Kim Mi Ja’s birthday party, Han Jin Hee mentioned that all members of the Han family had to study abroad since 7th grade. Before going abroad, their children Han will be hired by a private tutor to teach outside knowledge, learn swordsmanship, martial arts, painting, etc. According to Han Jin Hee, the children of Hyowon Group are “not born to be ordinary people”. . Ha Joon – Han Ji Yong’s stepson – learned to ride a horse from a young age. Horse riding is known as a sport only for the nobility. The boy has his own trainer, his own horse, and every training session is picked up by his mother or tutor Kang Ja Kyeong. Soo Hyuk – Han Jin Ho’s son – also had to study abroad since the 7th grade. The 26-year-old boy studied in the US since childhood, studied economics to return to join the family business. While studying in Boston (USA), he met the lady of the Roh family – the fiancee chosen by his grandmother – at a chess competition at the university. Even the details of choosing a fiancee for marriage describe the familiar way of life of the rich in Korea. Lady Roh visiting housekeeper Hyowon also carefully brought a meeting gift for each person. Lady Han received a hand bag inlaid with pearls and gold specially ordered for her, Jung Seo Hyun was given a bottle of precious wine aged for decades according to her preferences, Han Jin Hee was given a set by her future granddaughter. limited edition gem jewelry. Meanwhile, Seo Hi Soo was given a fountain pen signed by the star Julianne Moore – the person she idolized the most. Up to now, the life of the rich in Mine arguably the most ostentatious of the tycoon films. Even movies about royalty like Immortal King can’t be as grand. However, contrary to the invested context, the film’s content still has many unreasonable details, slow tempo and not really exuding the tense fighting atmosphere many people expect. The movie “Mine” flaunts the wealth of the chaebol family more than any Korean film ever released to the audience.