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The original Yao Anna’s painting style has changed greatly, I dare not recognize it!Walk to the airport in a low-key style, and wear a domestic jacket to change the set


Since Anna Yao announced her debut, she has always been rejected and complained by everyone. However, the recent appearances of Anna Yao seem to have changed a lot, and her increasingly low-key behavior has also made her image in everyone’s eyes. Significant improvement.

Not long ago, Yao Anna showed up at the airport. Her low-key dress and her head-to-toe full-arms made her really unrecognizable. The whole body of casual wear and domestic products also made Yao Anna’s appearance this time. Finally was praised once.

Three-piece layered wear

In addition to being low-key, Anna Yao’s overall airport style has many things that everyone can learn from. We often emphasize that the most important thing about clothing is the expression of layering, and the layering is mainly through the number of clothes. The matching and colors to show.

Anna Yao chose a common three-piece suit this time, T-shirt and shorts on the inside plus a matching jacket on the outside , Is our most common three-piece collocation, but the common wear has a very fashionable and handsome feeling, mainly because of the obvious level of change in the style and color matching.


First of all, in terms of style, Jacket+inner+trousers Basically, it is the basis of wearing a three-piece suit. If you want to wear a different feeling on the basis, you need to show the highlights in the details. The layering of the T-shirt and jacket in Yao Anna just reveals a little Cutting off the hem of the T-shirt visually makes the three-piece suit a richer change. colour The layering of colors is reflected by different colors, but although the colors are different, the inner relationship must be obvious enough so that the color of the whole body will not look particularly messy. Yao Anna’s look is a darker look in the overall color system. The navy blue of the jacket and the black of the pants. The similar color sense makes the overall color system obvious in the general direction. A sense of unity. At the same time, in accessories, whether it is the hat on her head, the shoes on her feet or the bag on her shoulders, they are all black like the pants, which makes the splicing of big colors obvious. The primary and secondary relationship. In terms of details, the creamy white on the inside of the T-shirt and the white printed pattern on the chest of the jacket have a consistent matching effect between the inside and the outside. Such local highlights play a finishing touch in the overall color matching. The importance of accessories Although Yao Anna’s outfits are full of details and a sense of uniformity, if there is no embellishment of accessories, the overall shape will not have a fashionable taste. We generally put Shoes, bags, hats, jewelry These are collectively referred to as accessories… The role of accessories is to amplify the overall style, so in Yao Anna’s casual wear, the fisherman’s hat and the black boots under her feet have the effect of increasing the fashion sense of the overall style, and the shoulders are back. The bag you are wearing makes the lazy feeling of the whole body more obvious and comfortable, and the consistency of the colors of these accessories has become the finishing touch of the whole body, giving the three accessories a sense of integration. , Matched with the three-piece suit on the body, it gives a lot of sense of harmony and unity. Disclaimer: The text is original, the picture comes from the Internet, if there is any infringement, contact to delete it. Plagiarism is prohibited, offenders must be investigated! Text/smile