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The agent responded and took a selfie with Xiao Jingteng: He was taking a test shot with his mobile phone


Sohu Entertainment News Recently, Xiao Jingteng was photographed recording a variety show with his manager’s girlfriend and taking selfies with his face in the car, which looked very sweet. In response, the agent responded: “He took a test shot with his mobile phone. In broad daylight, passers-by who usually don’t know ask him to take a group photo with me. It’s reasonable to take a selfie with me.”

It is reported that some media previously photographed Xiao Jingteng and his agent in the car during the recording of a new variety show, very close. During the filming break that day, Xiao Jingteng returned to the car to change his pants, while the agent Lin Youhui was sitting in the back seat. After that, Xiao Jingteng took out his mobile phone and took a photo with his agent. Xiao Jingteng took out his mobile phone and pointed it at the two. The woman smiled happily and placed her face next to Xiao Jingteng’s face for a group photo. The relationship was very close.

In April of this year, the two were also photographed walking home together intimately holding hands. The scene looked like an old couple. That day, Xiao Jingteng first drove the luxury car to take the agent to dinner. After eating, the two were strolling in the rain, and the agent on the side held Xiao Jingteng’s hand intimately. It is understood that Xiao Jingteng once accepted an interview with Xiao S in a certain program. Xiao S asked him directly: “Your girlfriend is your agent, right?” Xiao Jingteng replied slowly after being silent for a long time: “I hope this thing is, one day I want to take the initiative to tell everyone, don’t be I was asked” Suspected of tacitly acquiescing in his relationship with the agent