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From the joint name of Gundam to the official announcement of Gong Jun, 361° is becoming younger and younger


Transformation is a big test for a brand, and youthfulness is the only way for a sports brand. Design changes, or collaboration with young artists, are coups that brands use to add vitality.

On the 16th of this month, sports brand 361° Launching the “young” offensive again,Official announcement actor Gong Jun is the brand’s global spokesperson, It’s time to eliminateThe interest was quickly triggered on WeiboHot discussion. Up to now, related topics have been read 800 million times, as many as 3.34 million discussed, and Gong Jun’s personal posts have also received nearly 3 million reposts and likes, arousing widespread attention and discussion.

This is one of the most closely watched celebrity endorsements in the first half of 2021, and it is also an important moment for 361° to usher in the rejuvenation of the brand.

Official announcement of Gong Jun as global spokesperson

361° “clink glasses” with young people

From playing Yuan Che in “Drunk and Linglong”, to the urban drama “From Marriage to Love” by more audiences, and then by playing the actor Wen Kexing in “Shanhe Linglong”, he became well-known by more people,Rapid rise in popularityofGong Jun becomes the presentHot actor. but 361° Why chooseGong Jun, Popularity is only one of them. Choosing a spokesperson is a matter of careful consideration for a brand, especially the selectionGlobal spokesperson, It is also a symbol of the personality of the brand, and every move of the spokesperson affects the image of the brand.On the other hand, Gong Jun, looks healthy and sunny, and has both exercise and time.Still traits,Sincere and hearty personality.In the playEvery shot, every role interpretationKeepThe most dedicated and professional attitude,These characteristics can well interpret the 361° “more than a degree of love”Brand spirit. In particular, this time 361°The essence of choosing a spokesperson is different from the past. Looking back at the spokespersons that the brand has worked with in the past, from swimmer Sun Yang, NBA player Kevin Love, to Marbury, all are mainly sports stars and professional athletes.And now join the entertainment industry andBrand highly compatibleActor, enough to explain361°The decision to rejuvenate and fashion the brandheart. To break the endorsement sports formation of sports stars,Sign Gong Jun,Correct 361°Not only is the continued fermentation of brand awareness and popularity, but alsoSending us a new message: the future 361° will have more fashionable and trendy single product choices; for Gong Jun, this cooperation has also increased his own trendy sports personality. In the ever-changing fashion industry, 361° and Gong Jun are a great opportunity to seize young people, resonate with young people, and get closer. However, don’t think that this official announcement is the starting gun for 361° rejuvenation. For the exploration of rejuvenation, the brand has already started four years ago. From joining the e-sports field To the joint popular IP In 2018, there is noLuckMobile brand and electricityCompete In the context of IP cooperation,361°AnnounceversusThe in-depth cooperation of e-sports club QG made the industry scream “Unexpectedly”, and instantly became a sports brand that was brave to “eat crabs” in everyone’s mouth. 361°Rich income, getThe attention of a large number of game users. To know,E-sports is a sport that young people are paying attention to. 361° goalThe audience is highly consistent.With the help of young peopleIt is undoubtedly a cross-border action to output the brand’s sports concept in an entertaining way. 361° x Saint Seiya 361° x QQ Speed In terms of product design,361°Also keep diggingYoung people’s hobbies,from2020 Since the beginning of the year, the brand has expanded in IP The layout of joint names is frequentlyCo-branded IPs favored by light people, such as “Saint Seiya”, “Pokémon”, and “QQ Speed”, which not only have brand craftsmanshipThe blessings have more stories throughout the sneakers. 361° x Trisomy At the end of last year, 361° also won the cooperation rights of the science fiction big IP-the long science fiction work “Three Body”, and launched a series of co-branded products. According to reports, a new trend show of science fiction functions will be held at China International Fashion Week in September to warm up the new product line next year. Next year, 361° will continue to make efforts based on the design of “Three-Body” and bring more future technology trends. A series of joint actions with distinctive personalities,It highlights the brand’s courage to challenge and innovate, and also imprints the youthful design image into the minds of young people. Under a series of measures,In the first quarter of 2021, the performance of 361° continued the good development momentum of last year.The retail sales of main brand products increased by double digits compared with the same period last year, while the retail sales of children’s brand products increased by about 20%-30% compared with the same period last year.The recovery trend is accelerating. Riding on this young trend,361° Work with Gong Jun, the global brand spokesperson, to build mutual resonance with the younger generation,Demonstrating the strong attempts and strong confidence of domestic sports brands to counterattack.According to official disclosures, more fashion actors will join the spokesperson matrix in the future. Will your Idol appear? Please wait and see!