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Gaochun Old Street, the best-preserved ancient street of Ming and Qing Dynasties in East China, is as famous as Nanjing Confucius Temple


If you travel to Nanjing, I believe most people think of the Confucius Temple first. Confucius Temple is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nanjing and even the whole country, and it is a national 5A tourist attraction with free tickets. It has a very long history and profound Cultural heritage. In Nanjing, there is actually a thousand-year-old street, which not only has a large number of ancient buildings, but also enjoys the reputation of “Nanjing Second Confucius Temple”. It is “Gaochun Old Street”, which is also called Chunxi Old Street because it is located in Chunxi Street, Gaochun District. Gaochun Old Street is a must-visit tourist attraction in Gaochun. It is located in the commercial center of Gaochun District. It is now a national 4A tourist attraction, a famous historical and cultural street in China, and one of the 48 scenic spots in the new Jinling. I visited here a few years ago. You also need to buy tickets, which are now free to the public. The history of Gaochun Old Street can be traced back to the Song Dynasty. At that time, a market was established. It has a long history of more than 900 years. Later, Gaochun Old Street has become the main commercial street here. In addition, the adjacent waterways are developed. Since then, it has become a place where merchants gather and people gather, and it is now a provincial cultural relics protection unit. The ancient buildings in Gaochun Old Street are very well-preserved and large in scale. They are the best-preserved ancient streets in the Ming and Qing Dynasties in East China, enjoying the “Jinling First Ancient Street”, “Jinling Second Confucius Temple” and the “art of ancient architecture” The reputation of “treasure house”. Although its popularity is not very high, it does not affect its value in literary history. As an “old street” for nearly a thousand years, there is naturally an old street. Gaochun Old Street was built under the continuous construction of the Ming and Qing Dynasties for more than 500 years. At the beginning, the old street was 1135 meters long, and now there is more than 800 meters in existence. The cultural level is still the landscape at the humanistic level, which can be found on this old street. During the day, there are endless tourists on Gaochun Old Street, and Gaochun Old Street in the evening is also unique. This is also my favorite time to go shopping in the old street. Unlike the old streets I’ve been to in the past, the texture of Gaochun Old Street is very well preserved. On the stone road with a width of 4.5-5.5 meters, you can clearly see the rouge stone used in the middle part, the pink rouge stone It contrasts sharply with the cyan stone. After hundreds of years of wind, rain, and traffic pressure, it is still very well preserved and very strong. And the old drainage pipes are still in use today, and they are very particular. The stone slabs of the sewer are composed of square and round shapes, fusing the ancients’ idea of ​​”Heaven and Man are one”, and represents the “Heaven and Round Place”. Gaochun Old Street has been a commercial street since ancient times. The commercial atmosphere is very strong. It is still the case today. There are many shops on both sides of the old street. There are as many as 314 shops. The shops are also very distinctive, all of which are building-style. The double-layer brick and wood structure, the building’s cornices and corners, the unique shape, and the simplicity and variety, combine the characteristics of the Huizhou architecture and local architecture in southern Anhui, leaving a deep impression on people. The prosperity of Gaochun Old Street in ancient times benefited from the well-developed rivers here. Guanxi River was one of the busiest rivers in ancient times. It was a water transportation channel. According to historical records, as early as the Song Dynasty, the Guanxi River docked at the Guanxi River. The ship is a few miles long enough to show its economic prosperity. Economic prosperity will certainly promote the precipitation of its culture. Since ancient times, there have been many celebrities in Gaochun Old Street, which also laid the foundation for the profound cultural heritage here. I don’t know, have you ever been to or heard of Gaochun Old Street? What’s your impression of this old street? If you haven’t been, will you come here to check in if you have a chance? Welcome to leave comments.