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Behind the scenes of ‘Flavor of friendship’: Manh Truong’s ‘deep acting’ startled the whole crew and was exposed by Phuong Oanh


Break into the backstage of the movie ‘Flavor of Friendship’ to see the happy images of two actors Manh Truong and Phuong Oanh.
Recently, on Youtube Review Movie channel, the latest behind-the-scenes footage of the film has been uploaded The taste of friendship . In the clip, there are 3 actors Manh Truong, Phuong Oanh and Nam Anh who are practicing dialogue and also directed. Besides, the costume and hairdressing team are also busy preparing for the actors to show up in time.

Before each real scene, the actors will sit together to rehearse the dialogue first as well as discuss the script to add or cut the inappropriate parts. Like in this behind-the-scenes clip, the female lead Phuong Oanh suggested to the director to drop a line for a reasonable reason. According to the actors’ lines, it seems that at this stage Phuong Nam and Hoang Long began to love each other, the title was changed to “brother – me”. Phuong Oanh focused on learning the dialogue while Manh Truong seemed to be sick, he coughed a lot. Meanwhile, the costume party took advantage of stitching up the missing button of the male lead Hoang Long. Everything will be fine if our handsome male lead screams, making the whole crew startle thinking that he was stabbed by a needle. At this time, the only person who was sober because “catching cards” was Manh Truong was Phuong Oanh. Phuong Oanh humorously said: “Wow, that’s amazing. I saw a camera showing up. Whoa oh my. Poor girl, she’s out of her mind, isn’t she” . Phuong Oanh showed a lot of love for the costume staff because Manh Truong’s screams made her startled and scared. Is it possible that the female lead understands her co-star and does not hesitate to “unmask” Manh Truong? While Manh Truong and Phuong Oanh were practicing their dialogue, Nam Anh didn’t seem to know what to do next. Maybe it’s because she hasn’t reached the part where her appearance is yet. The actress only knows how to do cute things outside while watching people work. At the end of the clip, Manh Truong excited the audience with his sweet line when he told Phuong Oanh: “But you’re my lover” . Perhaps right now, the feelings of Hoang Long and Phuong Nam are very sweet and romantic. In addition, the female lead Phuong Oanh was very happy when she was praised for being pretty. Hopefully in the near future the audience will see more behind-the-scenes clips of the film The taste of friendship .