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Three assistants help Duong Mich change shoes, fix hair


On the set, Yang Mi was surrounded by 10 assistants. Just with the editing of the costumes, the actress also needed three people.
June 14, page 163 On the set, Yang Mi was caught in a scene where three assistants helped change shoes. The video has sparked controversy about Yang Mi’s disrespectful behavior towards employees.

Instead of sitting down to exchange for a new pair of shoes, Yang Mi stood, then someone took off her shoes to help the actress, one held the script, and another adjusted her hair. Duong Mi is controversial because it needs many employees just to change shoes. According to the 163 , on the set, Duong Mich needs a team of nearly 10 staff members to follow closely to do the service such as covering umbrellas, clearing the way, holding objects… However, this action is not supported. According to the Xinhua News Agency Currently, the Chinese film crew spends a lot of money on the artists’ compensation requirements such as meals, transportation for the stars, assistants, and staff. This amount accounts for a high percentage of the production cost. Chinese-language artists also believe that receiving high treatment shows their level. However, worthy offers and demanding disease are thin lines, mainly based on personal opinion to distinguish. For the star, it may be an entitlement, but for the producer or the audience, it may be a demanding behavior. Many Chinese-language artists behave like queens on set. Before Duong Mich, actress Tan Lam brought a stain in her career because she forced her assistant to kneel down and hold the microphone. Other stars behave like queens on set like Liu Tao letting staff hold a glass of water for her to drink, while the actress is busy using her phone. Tan Chi Lei was criticized for putting food in the hands of employees or Zhang Ziyi for not holding his own phone. Yang Mi was born in 1986, is a Chinese A-list star. Audiences know her through works like Fairy sword period 3, Ancient sword period talks, Palace radiates jade heart, Three births three worlds: Ten li peach blossoms, Little era.