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When the stylist shows his creativity: BLACKPINK’s transformation of clothes into clothes is not the top of the top


The stylists of all three of the biggest K-Pop companies have a passion for creativity, transforming everything into performance costumes for idols. From that, it can be seen that the BLACKPINK stylist’s technique of turning clothes into clothes is still nothing compared to the other two companies in terms of weirdness.

Speaking of stylist have a rich creative mind netizen thinking about the team in charge of costumes for BLACKPINK first with impressive crafting stages. Like turning a pair of pants into a strapless shirt for Rosé to wear. Rosé has twice worn a strapless shirt made from a pair of pants. Stylist BLACKPINK’s edit is very skillful, if you don’t trace the origin of the outfit, it’s hard to believe that this is a pair of pants. Another top-notch processing phase of stylist YG Ent’s house when they turned a pair of high-waisted shorts with brilliant stones into a shirt for Lisa to wear. It’s not easy to interfere with a sophisticated design like this, but the team in charge of costumes has changed it too well. While, stylist ITZY’s has a phase that turns clothes into clothes and goes underground. A model of high-waisted underwear was modified into a tube top for Ryu Jin to wear, but because the seam was too sketchy, the outfit didn’t look neat. Come times comeback TWICE’s latest, stylist JYP company has a passion to turn towels into shirts. At least three members wore stylish tops created from expensive designer scarves. Like a set of clothes crop-top and shorts that Tzuyu can wear stylist redesigned from many different silk scarves. Dior square scarves make the bodice and skirt, and two Hermès long scarves make the bow tie. Sana’s bow tie shirt got a lot netizen complimented it and wanted to buy it, it turned out to be made from a sample of Hermès scarf. Still stylist SM Entertainment’s artists are even more creative, turning a fringed handbag into a shirt for Wendy (Red Velvet). Unfortunately, this crafting screen doesn’t work netizen highly appreciated because from the color to the material of the fringe, it does not respect Wendy’s figure. Most recent, stylist SM Ent also turned a branded mask into a strapless shirt for Karina (aespa) to wear. Creativity is really groundbreaking but netizen nine people ten thoughts about this special shirt. Some people say it’s beautiful, some say it’s faded.