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What do you wear to work in the summer? Read this!


Every time we enter a new season, Linfeng Jun will share a commuter outfit with everyone.

This time is no exception.

On the last day of the holiday, I wrote this for everyone.

Actually, what I want to say is, Is more important than wearing nice clothes , Is the process of dressing up .

This process starts from clothing Pick , Collocation begin, To put on .

Of course, after wearing them, Good mood that lasts all day .

Then, What to wear for work in the summer ? I believe that after reading this article, you will have the answer.

Before entering the topic, please claim your favorite dressing style.

Simple and elegant

Gentle and sweet

Fashionable personality

After selecting the style, you can move directly to the part you want to watch!

Simple and elegant

Keep it simple , The simpler, the more advanced .

Simple and generous style, should be the first choice for most people’s commuter wear?

However, there must be many people who have a misunderstanding of the simple and generous style.

Even think that dressing simply and generously is equivalent to deviating from fashion.

In fact, the reason for saying “the simpler the more advanced” is not how expensive each piece of clothing is. Advanced ≠ expensive .

And if you want to show a sense of luxury by dressing simply, we must first pay attention to Choice of clothing styles .

Simple and generous style selection tips1 :

The tailoring is clean and neat, and the clothing styles without extra designs and embellishments are in line with the most basic “simple”.

After choosing the style, we have to determine whether the dress has a high-level texture. Of course, we have to Look at the details of the clothes .

Simple and generous style selection tips2 :

Choose clothes with better fabrics.Especially in summer, choose as many as possible Shiny ,and Good drape Clothing.

Simple and generous style matching tips :

  1. Pure color is always the first choice


    In commuting days, in addition to black, white and gray, you can also choose a softer and more intellectual earth color system.

    02. The same color , Less error prone


    Several colors of the same color system with different shades and brightness will be more beautiful when matched together.

    Gentle and sweet

    In busy commuting days, it is inevitable that emotions are tense and irritable.

    So, in my opinion, we can try to make ourselves Dress softer .

    The softness here does not mean lightness and weakness, but Soft and powerful , Sweet and attitude .

    Let yourself be able to maintain your dignity, seriousness, and gentleness during the commuting day.

    Gentle and sweet style selection tips1 :

    Light color , Is the most intuitive gentle and sweet, giving people a clean “no pollution” feeling.

    In addition to the color, the style of clothing can also choose some more gentle and feminine elements.

    Gentle and sweet Style selection tips2 :

    Puff sleeve , Ruffle , Bow , And other elements, can make you look more gentle and pleasant.

    Gentle and sweet style matching tips :

  2. Wear more skirts , Let your gentle temperament be revealed


    Whether you have a half skirt or a one-piece dress, choose a lighter one as much as possible. If you become lighter, your mood will immediately become better.

    02. One design highlight in a piece of clothing is enough


    The best match is Top and Simplified Single or Simplify up and down complex , Too much embellishment will become a burden to clothing.

    03. Avoid excessive jumps in the color of upper and lower body clothing


    The color jump will create a visual impact and reduce the sense of tenderness.

    So, if you choose a gentle and sweet style, keep the same color as much as possible.

    Fashionable personality

    Who said you can’t dress easily for work , Fashionable ?

    But of course, this can only be worn if the nature of your work permits.

    And although you can dress stylishly on commuting days, this does not mean you can dress as you like.

    After all, work clothes still have to look like work clothes, and the degree still needs to be cleverly balanced.

    Trendy personality style selection tips1 :

    When choosing clothes, pay more attention to the tailoring and style of the clothes.

    Rejecting basic models, clothes with ingenious designs are the first choice for fashion.

    In addition to paying attention to the tailoring and style of clothing, Fabric It is also a major factor in determining whether your clothing style is fashionable or not.

    Trendy personality style selection tips2 :

    Fashionable people often don’t take the usual path.

    Therefore, some clothes made of special fabrics can be included in the selection list.

    Tips for matching fashionable personality style :

  3. One piece of color and color is enough


    Designs and colors often show individuality better than pure colors.

    But in the commuter wear, there is enough color single product, otherwise it will easily make people look dazzling.

    02. The clothes of the upper and lower body should be relaxed and relaxed


    Always remember Panasonic and tight with Tighten and loosen .

    They can show your good clothes and make your body proportions perfect.

  4. Accessories can’t be less


    If you want to show your style through clothing, how can you get away with accessories.

    Earrings, necklaces, and silk scarves are the first choice for summer accessories.

    What should I wear for work in the summer?

    Friends are welcome to check in and share in the message area, and talk about your What to wear on the first working day after the holiday Thoughts. (Linfeng gentleman, come first—— Tomorrow, wear off-white knit short sleeve + khaki straight skirt~)

    I hope that every one of you who loves beauty will dress yourself up every day.

    Isn’t it just a matter of putting on a nice dress and painting a delicate makeup?

    They can give you a good mood all day long!



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