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How to make delicious and simple durian ice cream at home


Not only eating fresh durian, many people can also turn this fruit into a delicious and nutritious dish, which is durian ice cream. How to make durian ice cream is also quite simple, you can make it at home.
1. Ingredients for making durian ice cream

– Durian meat: 300g. – Coconut milk: 200ml. – Fresh milk without sugar: 250ml. – White granulated sugar: 100g. – Vanilla essence: 1 tsp. – Fine salt: 1 teaspoon. Durian is an addictive fruit for many people with a passionate aroma, seductive sweet taste (Photo: Viet Bao) 2. How to make durian ice cream Step 1: Wash the blender and then put the durian rice into a puree, then add fresh milk, vanilla, and salt to the mix. Step 2: Put coconut milk and sugar in a small pot and put on the stove to boil. While cooking, remember to use a spoon to stir all ingredients together, until the sugar is completely dissolved, then turn off the heat. Step 3: Mix the two parts of the mixture made in step 1 and step 2 in a large bowl. Then, you pour the ice cream mixture into each small ice cream mold or large box and put it in the freezer for about 7-8 hours to be able to eat. Step 4: When enjoying, you can scoop durian ice cream into round balls, decorate with waffles or desiccated coconut as you like to make the ice cream more eye-catching and delicious. Delicious, attractive durian ice cream. (Photo: lamkem365.com) 3. Some notes when making durian ice cream Durian is a popular fruit in Vietnam, especially in the southern provinces. However, at present, many types of durian are injected with stimulants, soaked in chemicals to have a beautiful appearance and sell at a high price. Therefore, you need to be careful to buy natural ripe durian, ensuring safety. Ideally, you should buy durian at reputable fruit sales. In addition to making ice cream, durian is also used as an ingredient for sticky rice, tea… The finished product of durian ice cream is to have a light sweet taste, with the typical taste of durian combined with the fatty taste of milk, the aroma of coconut milk and vanilla. Above is a guide on how to make simple but delicious durian ice cream at home. Good luck! Phuong Anh (Synthetic)