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Lotus season


When the golden sun dyes the streets and alleys, it is also the time when the sky and earth turn to the fragrant, gentle and pure lotus season that captivates many people. This summer, walking through the lotus ponds, inhaling the sweet, cool scent makes the heat seem to calm down.
From the North to the South, lotus flowers are everywhere, close and familiar to every Vietnamese.

Every early morning, if you are in Hanoi, stepping out of the house will see crisscrossing the streets with flower stalls and carts full of fragrant lotus flowers. The lotus flowers that are sold for sale are those that have bloomed so that the inner petals and petals can be seen. Lotus is brought home to plug, overnight, the flowers bloom, rounder than the bowl of soup, the petals of the rose are bright, the fragrance is fragrant throughout the room. Visiting offices and small houses, it is also easy to see vases of lotus flowers with light pink, dark pink or white colors… The gentle fragrance makes the whole room more cool and full of life. Coming to Hanoi, whenever people mention lotus, people immediately think of the famous Tay Ho lotus region. Between the sweltering summer months and the hot sun, Hanoi still has a poetic and ethereal corner, where Hanoians seem to temporarily put aside their daily busyness to wake up early to see the pink lotus buds. budding, immersed in the lotus aroma of West Lake and leisurely sip a cup of tea marinated with fragrant lotus flowers. At West Lake, when the lotus season comes, this place is likened to a picture with two colors of lotus leaves and pink of lotus petals. People are fascinated by that beautiful flower color, so despite the sweltering heat, they still have to visit West Lake to admire the lotus pond in the season. The lotus season starts from the end of June and lasts until the beginning of September. And for a long time, one of the ethereal culinary delights of Ha Thanh people is enjoying Tay Ho lotus tea, which is meticulously processed and seasoned with lotus grown only in West Lake. Marinating lotus in the lagoon is always more elaborate, but in return the tea will have a different flavor… “One of the uses of West Lake lotus is to marinate tea. In the morning when the dew is still on the lotus flowers and leaves, it is also a suitable time for tea marinating. The lotus petals are wrapped with a layer of dried tea, marinated overnight, the taste is very special “- a lotus grower in West Lake shared. Wandering in the lotus ponds in Hanoi’s West Lake at the time of lotus bloom, where many memories from the childhood of many Hanoians are kept, is a peaceful, simple and memorable feeling for the tourists. traveler… In addition to the West Lake lotus pond, in recent years, the lotus pond in An Phu commune (My Duc district, Hanoi city) has also become a photography paradise for many young people. Lotus lagoon has a relatively large area with nearly 200 hectares specializing in lotus cultivation. When the morning sun of summer comes on, it is also the time when the lotus trees wake up excitedly. The lotus leaves slowly stretched out to cover the lake as if to embrace the sky and the earth. Coming here, visitors will be mesmerized by the ethereal and pure beauty of flowers. People in An Phu commune said: The most ideal time to see lotus is in the morning from 7am. Because the fresh, cool morning air is mixed with the sweet, soothing, and unusually pure scent of lotus, making visitors feel intoxicated when they arrive and remember forever when they leave. The most impressive point here is that the lotus ponds of An Phu commune are interwoven with the overlapping limestone mountains, giving visitors a new and poetic feeling like being lost in the lotus valley. Previously, An Phu lotus pond area was a low-lying land, only specialized for rice cultivation. In recent years, households in An Phu commune have switched to growing lotus because they realize that growing lotus brings higher economic benefits than rice cultivation. Growing lotus is both economical and does not waste land, but it also becomes an attractive tourist destination for tourists to visit, take photos, and record interesting moments in the romantic lotus ponds. And when it comes to lotus, it would be remiss not to talk about Dong Thap Muoi lotus. In the past, when lotus was not everywhere, only in Dong Thap Muoi were there picturesque lotus fields that captivated people’s hearts. Lotus has also become a symbol and pride of the people of this province with the famous slogan: “Pure as lotus soul”. Thap Muoi lotus pond is located in My Hoa commune (Thap Muoi district, Dong Thap province), about 39 km from Cao Lanh city. Dong Sen Thap Muoi is considered one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Mekong Delta. The young women in ao dai rowing boats in the middle of Dong Thap lotus pond have become a familiar and close image of the Vietnamese people. If the lotus in the North only blooms in summer, the lotus in Dong Thap is very special because it blooms all year round. Lotus is present everywhere in Dong Thap and during the flood season (about August to November every year), along with the abundance of local products and the vast and captivating scenery, the sweet scent of lotus attracts visitors. Tourists return to the lowland swamp. Coming to the lotus lagoon here, you not only immerse yourself in the poetic and romantic scenery of immense lotus flowers, but also can row a boat, fish and pick lotus flowers together with the people, enjoy the food. specialties of the western river such as grilled snakehead fish rolled in young lotus leaves, braised perch, lotus tea… As “the capital of pink lotus land”, many places in Dong Thap province are covered with the brilliant pink color of lotus flowers. Offices and schools in the city also grow many potted lotus flowers and other ornamental plants. This is also a famous locality for high-class products made from lotus. Regarding food, there are lotus tofu, lotus seed cake similar to Hai Duong specialty mung bean cake, lotus heart tea, lotus flavored tea, lotus seeds used to eat fresh such as boiled, cooked tea, stewed meat. Lotus can also be extracted to produce cosmetics, functional foods, pharmaceuticals, and especially, lotus silk and fabrics have very high value…