Home Travel Original clock in Oita, Kyushu, Japan: a literary and childlike dreamland!

Original clock in Oita, Kyushu, Japan: a literary and childlike dreamland!


|| 01. Sea Egg Aquarium, get close contact with marine animals

Children and adults can’t resist the aquarium. You see, in Japanese TV dramas, the dating place for male and female protagonists is often chosen here~ And the most special thing about this one is that you can observe and pet animals up close. The only one!

The huge water tank that runs through the two floors, the touch pool that blends with Beppu Bay, and the beach that combines art. Numerous creative facilities make this “friends with animals” aquarium unique and make the mysterious underwater world different. No longer reachable. ||02. Yufuin town, the inspirational place of Hayao Miyazaki’s Totoro Yufuin Hot Spring Village is the premier hot spring resort and summer resort in Kyushu. It is not only a place full of natural greenery, but also a small town with a tranquil texture waiting for you~ ▶Check in the streets of Yunoppamachi and return to the Edo period Rows of creative shops, each one is the best place to take photos, and the desserts and snacks along the street are even more exciting. When you come to Oita, don’t forget to try the soy sauce pudding in the picture above~ ▶Try the best eel rice in Kyushu, Senya The biggest feature of this local manpower-promoted eel restaurant is one meal and three meals: firstly, taste the original eel without any seasoning; secondly, mix mustard, yuzu chili sauce or radish chili sauce in the rice to enrich the taste of the rice; Finally, you can use tea with rice, and the tea will dilute the small oiliness of the eel in one second