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Flowers 5. Of the many memories, perhaps I remember the most is the Dragon Boat Festival which takes place on the 5th day (May of the lunar calendar). Before and during that New Year’s Day, my hometown was busy celebrating the Lunar New Year. “April measuring beans to cook tea / Eating Tet Doan Ngo returns to May”. When I was a child, I had spent countless New Year’s Eve of my life and it seems that I had an appointment, when everywhere in the village were busy worshiping the 5th with their own customs, it was also the time of “flowers of the 5th”. in my hometown blooms with bright red. Looking through the flower like a red firework is exploding in all directions, the surrounding is like needles sticking out. From a distance, the whole flower has the shape of a bright red urchin that looks very strange. When you come closer, you will see that each petal is very pretty with a small, soft round shape that has contributed to making the space of my village become warmer and more special. Summer in my hometown is really a red season because of the family, the people who grow “Mong 5 flowers”. The shape of this flower is so special that you cannot mistake it with any other flower. If you see it even once, you will surely have a deep impression that is hard to forget. Hoa Mong 5, my hometown, seems to have an invisible power to hold my soul. Every time I return to the village, the feeling of being both familiar, new and interesting keeps me fascinated. The scent in the village of worshiping on the 5th is like the scent of incense, the smell of ripe fruit mixed with the smell of ash cake, the smell of sticky rice, the smell of duck meat, the smell of the pot of water with Quang noodles… each scent “changes” and then returns to the stream. endless flow of time. Only my love for the village, my family, the village is more and more burning every day. And my view of my village, about the scent of the 5th day is more and more ecstatic, a little more poetic with the color of the red May 5 flowers, with the fragrant leaves of the 5th, with my old friends who came to school today. the hood has turned up the color of smog… I still remember vividly, along the village road when I was in middle school, there was a whole region of nostalgia. Every season the 5th flowers bloom, the whole road is covered with a bright red color. For schoolchildren like us, every season when the flowers bloom on the 5th, the road to school turns into a fairy tale world. With just those simple flowers, I and the children in the village have many new games. The girls use the petals to form necklaces, bracelets or bunches like wedding flowers and then play the game “bride and groom”. The petals of the 5th day were arranged by our children for the fireworks competition scene very beautifully… Banh ú ash, a dish on the 5th. During my lifetime, my grandfather said that the 5th flower is a flower named Hong hydrangea, a herbaceous plant with a soft and spongy stem. In particular, this flower is developed from a tuberous root that is quite similar to an onion. The tubers of the red hydrangea are pale green with many purple spots. This is a flower that is loved by many people because of its perfect round flowers that are very attractive. The stamens of the hydrangea rose have a beautiful yellow anther. Unlike many other flowers, hydrangea flowers only bloom once a year and can keep fresh for 5-10 days. Usually, depending on the annual weather, the 5th flower around April to June is the time to bloom. But flowers bloom the most on the 5th day (Doan Ngo New Year). That’s why the hydrangea is also called the 5th flower. The most memorable thing is that in Quang Nam, my hometown has the custom of drinking “5 leaves”. “Language 5” was cut by the people and my mother about a week before the Lunar New Year at the edge of the forest, howling, the fence… such as leaves, ballast wire, scratched grass, perilla, five houseplants, feathered butterflies, silver butterfly … dried or bought in the market. In the countryside market, about 15 days before the 5th, there were people selling this type of leaf because many people cut the “5 leaves” to sell and save for drinking. The juice of “Mang 5 leaves” is dark yellow, very fragrant, because most of the leaves contain a lot of essential oils. Maybe, the 5th day eats a lot of things, so the “5th day leaves” drink to ease digestion, prevent fullness and bloating. When I was a child, when the sun was shining at noon on the 5th, my father brought out a basin in the middle of the yard, then caught a lizard (usually with a broken tail) put it in a pot, the lizard swam a few times and then released it, Take a towel dipped in water to wipe my eyes and face so that I can be smart and bright in the future? I don’t know what kind of lizard it has a sixth sense, but on the 5th day it’s hard to catch, they all go into hiding. To have lizards, people catch them a few days before the 5th. However, some people think that doing so is sacred? Today, every year on the Lunar New Year, we remember the ash cake, sweet tea, drink “Mong 5 leaves”, watch the flowers of the 5th day… Our hearts are sad when we recall the sweet memories of our childhood, being able to live our lives. cozy under the roof of the family, especially during the Lunar New Year in the countryside of Quang with the lizards “broken tail” wading in the water. And every summer, the 5th flower season blooms red in the sky and countryside, in a region of nostalgia, I turn the pages of my childhood memories with an indescribable wretchedness for the season of May 5 flowers.