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Binh Thuan fishermen hit the anchovy season


The male fish crop in 2021 is entering the peak of exploitation. In the past few days, many boats of fishermen in Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan have docked at the port full of anchovies. Good season plus stable selling price makes people very excited.
Just over 6 am, the midsummer sun at Mui Ne beach – Binh Thuan has begun to be harsh. Despite the heat, the scene at the back beach of Mui Ne is very bustling with basket trips to transport fish from boats to shore.

Transporting anchovies from the boat to the truck at the back yard of Mui Ne, Binh Thuan province Fisherman Tran Van Dat, who specializes in anchovies, is with his boatmates moving nearly 1 ton of anchovies to shore. Inside, traders and transport vehicles are waiting. Mr. Dat said that in the past 10 days, anchovies were abundant throughout the sea of ​​Mui Ne, so not only he but also many friends’ boats had a good harvest. “This is the 3rd trip in the men’s season. The previous two trips, each trip was 7-8 quintals. In general, the fish this year caught very well, the fish was big, the traders liked it” – Mr. Dat shared his joy. Dat fisherman moves anchovies from the basket to the shore This year, the anchovy season at Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan fishing grounds and the southern sea area started to flourish from the beginning of June, with a fairly high yield. The production of anchovies so far by fishermen in Mui Ne ward and Phan Thiet city has generally increased sharply compared to previous years. Anchovies are picked up by traders as soon as they come ashore Bustling scene at the back beach of Mui Ne After the fish is purchased, the truck is transported directly to the steamer, salt and fish sauce establishment The output is high, the purchase price of anchovies this year is quite stable. In Mui Ne ward, each basket of anchovies (25 kg) is purchased by traders for around 250,000 VND. Particularly for delicious, large, fresh fish used for drying, there are places to buy nearly 300,000 VND / basket. Grade 1 anchovies are sold for 300,000 VND/basket for drying Phan Thiet waters have up to 3 popular types of anchovies, including: white striped anchovies, black striped anchovies and mouth anchovies. In which, anchovies after drying are priced at over 200,000 VND/kg. In the photo: White striped anchovy has just been caught in Mui Ne Not only being dried for export, anchovies in Binh Thuan are also the main raw materials for salting fish sauce. The profession of making fish sauce anchovies in Binh Thuan has a history of development for more than 2 centuries and the product has been present in almost all regions of the country. After being transported from the sea, anchovies are mixed in a certain ratio with grain salt and put in a jar (Khanh) to salt them. In addition to salted fish sauce, grade 1 anchovies are steamed, then dried and dried for export With the fishing season, the stable selling price helps fishermen to be excited and push to go out to sea to exploit in the next trip. Mui Ne fishermen load rocks from the shore onto a basket to transport to the boat, preparing for the next sea trip