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Hanoi’s summer is brilliant with colorful flowers


In these May days, Hanoi puts on a new shirt with purple, red, yellow … interwoven of typical summer flowers. The streets of the capital seem to be bright and colorful.

Summer drifts past the window, bringing with it the poetic and dreamy dreams of a budding season. (Photo: Vietnam+) Dandelion flower (also known as water mausoleum) is native to India, Southeast Asia and some countries with tropical climates. This is a woody plant with many branches at the top. Flowers often bloom in the summer with many different colors such as purple, pink, white with a little purple. (Photo: Vietnam+) According to folklore, once the youngest princess of the king of heaven broke a taboo, fell in love with a scholar in the underworld, angered her father, and transformed her into a mausoleum flower. So since then, people think that purple lily is the flower of fidelity. (Photo: Vietnam+) The lotus flower has also since become a flower symbolizing the innocence and purity of the first love of a student’s life. ‘What does the sun send to flowers by mausoleum / Which is tinged with purple / I pass by in sadness and suddenly regret / Oh what year is the purple ink…’ (Vu Hoang – My Tam). (Photo: Vietnam+) Flowers grow in large clusters, creating an impressive purple color. The thin petals gently sway in the wind. The fruit of the lentil appears when the flower fades. The fruit is quite hard and has seeds inside, which have a sedative effect and ease sleep. (Photo: Vietnam+) Besides the purple color of the mausoleum, the canary tree seems to be adding yellow color to the brilliant picture of Hanoi’s summer. (Photo: Vietnam+) Canary canary is also known as the queen, lantern flower, water scorpion, Osaka, apricot tree, late spring tree, late blooming apricot, … This is also the national flower of Thailand with the name ‘dok khuen,’ ‘ symbolizes the royal colors of Thailand. (Photo: Vietnam+) Each flower season only lasts about 2-3 months, but it is enough to make a special impression in the hearts of those who have the opportunity to see it by its brilliant colors. (Photo: Vietnam+) The clusters of yellow canary flowers all over the street create a beautiful scene. In Hanoi, canaries are grown most on the roads along the West Lake such as Nguyen Dinh Thi, Trich Sai, Quang Ba… (Photo: Vietnam+) The delicate yellow petals swaying gently in the wind. It seems that the clusters of canaries become more and more beautiful and strange under the summer sun. (Photo: Vietnam+) Along the streets of Dao Tan, Tran Thai Tong, Dinh Nup, Kim Ma …, the mausoleum blooms brilliantly in purple color, covered with a wide canopy, bringing shade, fresh space, full of vitality in hot summer days. (Photo: Vietnam+) The red color of the phoenix is ​​always a sign of summer. Normally, every May, the road along To Lich River and West Lake will be red with red flowers. However, this year, due to unfavorable weather, flowers bloom less than every year. (Photo: Vietnam+) The typical flower color of the northern summer. (Photo: Vietnam+)