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The college entrance examination scores officially started. Last year, the property loss of telecommunications network fraud reached 35.37 billion yuan


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The college entrance examination score officially started

Starting from June 23, all parts of the country will announce the results of the college entrance examination one after another, and the time for checking the scores will mainly focus on the 23 to 26. 9 provinces including Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Sichuan, Yunnan, Gansu and Ningxia will be able to check their college entrance examination results from today.

I wish the candidates the title of the gold list!


China’s anti-mining measures make merit

European Nvidia graphics card prices have fallen sharply

On June 22, according to the latest statistics from 3DCenter, the price of Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards in Europe has dropped significantly, from an average premium of 304% in May to 191%.

According to reports, although the price of AMD graphics cards has not dropped significantly, the pricing of Nvidia’s RTX graphics cards has undergone major changes. On average, RTX graphics cards are still 91% more expensive than the suggested retail price, but they have fallen by 113%. The report also pointed out that this price cut also benefited from China’s ban on the mining industry. A few days ago, Sichuan Province, the world’s largest gathering of miners, also launched the withdrawal of virtual currency mining projects, and virtual currency mining machines were collectively powered off. In addition, Bitcoin China stated that it has completely withdrawn from the cryptocurrency trading business in response to domestic policies. 03 Last year, telecommunications network fraud property losses reached 35.37 billion yuan On June 22, the Supreme People’s Court held a press conference to introduce the relevant situation of the crackdown on telecommunication network fraud crimes. Li Ruiyi, deputy chief of the Third Criminal Division of the Supreme People’s Court, said that at present, telecommunications network fraud crimes are still at a high level. In some large and medium-sized cities, such cases account for 50% of criminal cases; telecommunications networks Major fraud cases occur frequently, causing huge losses to the masses’ property. Last year alone, the nationwide telecommunications network fraud cases involving property losses amounted to 35.37 billion yuan. In recent years, telecommunications network fraud and criminal activities have continued to occur frequently, and the criminal situation has become increasingly serious and complex. Around the telecommunications network fraud crimes, a series of black and gray industrial chains have also emerged, forming a large number of upstream and downstream related crimes. “Under the high pressure of severe crackdowns, a large number of domestic telecommunications network fraud dens have moved overseas, frantically committing frauds to the people in our country. According to statistics, currently more than 60% of overseas telecommunications fraud dens have committed crimes.” Li Ruiyi said. 04 A pocket-sized border fish found 423 million years ago in Chongqing On June 21, Chinese scientists announced that the ancient Silurian fish from the Silurian period 423 million years ago was discovered in Chongqing, and they are called pocket border fish. It is reported that 99.8% of vertebrates on the earth, including humans, have jaws (upper jaw and chin), which are collectively referred to as jaws. This research provides important evidence for the origin of modern jaws and the early evolution of teeth. 05 Ministry of Education: It is strictly forbidden to speculate about the champion in the college entrance examination, and strictly investigate and volunteer to fill in high-priced consultations Recently, the Ministry of Education has deployed to further do a good job of volunteering and reporting services for candidates. The Ministry of Education emphasized that all localities should cooperate with cybersecurity and informatization, public security, market supervision and other departments to strengthen supervision of social training institutions or individuals that carry out voluntary reporting and consulting activities. For those who have exaggerated publicity, false publicity, charge high-priced consulting fees, and conduct training services in violation of regulations Intermediary agencies, etc. strictly investigate and deal with laws and regulations It is necessary to further regulate the release of college entrance examination results and related publicity work, and relevant media, training institutions, middle schools, and individuals are strictly prohibited from hyping up information such as “college entrance examination champion”, “college entrance examination entrance rate”, “high score candidates”, and “repetitive students”. 06 Hainan “zero-tariff” operating vehicles The stay in the Mainland shall not exceed 120 days per year In order to do a good job in the management of “zero tariff” operating vehicles in the Hainan Free Trade Port, the Hainan Provincial Department of Transportation drafted the “Implementation Rules for the Management of “Zero Tariff” Operating Vehicles in Hainan Free Trade Port (Trial) (Draft for Soliciting Comments)”, which has been published to the public Open for comments. According to the “Draft Opinions”, “zero-tariff” operating vehicles can be used for passenger and cargo transportation operations to and from the Mainland. At least one end of the origin and destination must be in the Hainan Free Trade Port, and the cumulative duration of stay in the Mainland shall not exceed 120 days per calendar year. (Calculated according to natural days, not counting the number of times). Passengers and trucks from the Hainan Free Trade Port to the Mainland “point-to-point” and “soon-to-go” are not subject to the days limit. ⊙Contribution mailbox: [email protected](You are welcome to submit original papers) ⊙Doc88public(Enter the Dao Ke Baba Welfare Group and share various benefits from time to time) Extended reading my country’s high-speed rail operating mileage ranks first in the world, and the Cyberspace Administration of China rectifies chaos 8.4 billion network passwords have been leaked globally. This year, the personal medical insurance payment standards for urban and rural residents have been announced See more good content Please long press the picture below Public number: Dao Ke Baba (ID: doc-88) Sina Weibo: @道客巴巴 Anyone knows how Three consecutive ?Waiting online