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Original China’s 8 cities suitable for traveling with parents. The scenery is beautiful and meaningful. Which one would you consider?


We always inadvertently ignore the hurried pace of time. When we pay attention, time is far away, and our parents are no longer the tall and omnipotent appearances in our minds. The white hair on the forehead and the slightly rickety figure are announcing the old age.

Think about it carefully, how long have you not held your mom and dad’s hands to relax and chat together? How long have you been happily going out with your parents as you did when you were a kid?

Don’t regret it after Shaohua’s passing, take advantage of the great time, take your parents, go on a trip together, let the good memories coexist in your heart!

Although the thought of taking parents to play is wonderful, the older generation is no longer young and has less energy than the young. It is best not to choose a trip that is too tossing and exhausting to prevent the elderly from being overwhelmed.

For the older generations, the way they prefer to play and where to play may not be the same as those of young people. Making excursion plans according to our own preferences may not be in line with the wishes of the elderly.

Today, Snail has counted the 8 cities in China that are most suitable for traveling with their parents. I hope to provide you with some ideas. If you are interested, let’s take a look!


The cold and gloomy months in the winter are the easiest to affect people’s mood. Sanya is located in the south. At this time, it is a warm and comfortable climate. In addition to good weather, good scenery, and a very good environment.

The air quality in Sanya is among the best in the country and even in the world. There are 1,000 negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of air, which is also very beneficial to the body. The seaside scenery is beautiful and pleasant. Taking a walk on the beach and breathing fresh air is also a good pastime. The natural oxygen bar with such a suitable climate and beautiful scenery is perfect for taking your parents to relax.


For the older generation, they may prefer the beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland more than the crowded and noisy luxury metropolis. The mountains and rivers of the motherland are much more beautiful than the “copy and paste” skyscrapers. Returning to nature, looking at the magnificent mountains and beautiful water, I feel very happy. Guilin’s landscapes are unique in the hearts of many people. Mountains and water complement each other and form a group of their own. They are the most natural beauty of nature without being infiltrated by craftsmanship and not artificially carved. In addition to enjoying the mountains and playing in the water, the ancient town of Yoyo also has its own cultural heritage. Walking among the blue stones is full of nostalgia. Living in the city for a long time, it is a good choice to go here to relax.


Speaking of this city, in the minds of young people, it is the spokesperson of “artistic style”. Many popular movies have been filmed here, and many small literary style shops are also open here. You can shoot casually. The picture is very beautiful. With your parents, walk slowly on the clean streets of Xiamen, holding hands, and watch the sceneries that once appeared on the big screen and in the movie scenes. Don’t be interesting. At the same time, Xiamen is also a city with a mix of Chinese and Western styles, old and new cultures. It has both the old and retro old town with a flavour of ancient times and the beautiful and youthful new city scene, which is both quiet and energetic.


This is a place with a slow pace and a laid-back city life. I have to say that it is really a good place to travel with the older generation. If you want to breathe fresh air, return to nature, and relax outside, you can go to Qingcheng Mountain. If you want to feel the cultural heritage of this city, it is better to go for a stroll in Kuanzhai alleys, and there are various kinds of delicious food waiting for you to taste. If you have enough food and drink, why not go to see our national treasure giant panda together, the naive little cute creatures are “lethal”, whether they are grandparents or uncles and aunts, they will all be “captured”.


The unique topographic structure of the mountain city is impressive once you go there. There are majestic Yangtze River, alternate public transportation, dazzling gourmet snacks, and unique folk culture and architectural culture. The pace of Sichuan-Chongqing area has always been slow. Playing in such a city, it seems that even the restless heart can calm down. You can walk into a tea house casually, put a pot of fragrant tea, and serve a small plate of melon seeds to kill time. It’s rare to sit down and chat with your parents, listen to the stories of old Chongqing, and talk about the shortcomings of your parents. It will also become a rare memory with your parents.


I have to say that Dali’s climate advantage is still very sufficient. It is warm in winter and cool in summer, and the four seasons are like spring. Even if the elders go to play, they will not feel uncomfortable because of the cold and hot weather. The climate and temperature are very suitable. Naturally, the beauty here is also extraordinary. Looking at the sea in the east, climbing mountains in the west, Cangshan and Erhai Lake, the former is the base and the latter is the ink. That is a beautiful picture scroll. Traveling along the Erhai Lake from Huanhaidong Road, the picturesque scenery spread out in front of you, unobstructed and beautiful, which makes people sigh that it will be worth it once in a lifetime.


If you have a preference for history and culture, then Xi’an couldn’t be more suitable. The ancient capital of a thousand years has gone through winds and frosts, many dynasties have changed, time has passed, and the traces left over are all over the city. This is an ancient city in history where kings and princes vie for hegemony. It was once the most dazzling jewel in the East. The ancient capital blended with modern culture is even more attractive. In Xi’an, you can dig deep into many historical stories by going to any scenic spot. The Shaanxi History Museum has all the precious cultural relics collections. It is worth visiting slowly and savoring carefully.


I believe that in the hearts of many older generations, the status of the capital is extraordinary. Go to Beijing with your parents, watch the solemn five-star red flag slowly rise, watch the majestic Forbidden City, and climb the magnificent Great Wall with a long history. Let’s look at the prosperous and lively scenes of the streets and alleys in Beijing today, and we can experience the prosperity and prosperity of the motherland firsthand. For the older generations who have suffered, look at the city today. , Must be even more emotional. After the editor: When we were young, we always hope that when we grow up we can go further and see the vast world. Nowadays, when we grow up, our parents are old. Looking back, our parents always encourage us with gentle eyes on the spot, and support us with not burly bodies. Taking advantage of the right time, it’s good to see the outside world, but don’t go there alone, with your parents, you may have more gains